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I'm watching the President's news conference on health care reform. I am in no way an expert on what Obama is proposing, actually this conference is the most I have educated myself.

I am, however, an expert on how messed up the system is NOW. My family has health care coverage... good coverage by most standards and because of 2 health issues (Lo's surgery and my meningitis) we have $3,000 in medical bills. I pay out $400 a month in medical bills. I can not even imagine how a family with state coverage or no coverage, would survive having 2, rather minor health care issues, let alone a big issue.

I am now pregnant and learning quickly that this baby will end up costing us a ridiculous amount for having good insurance.

My second biggest issue is Medicare. My Gramma was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago. In that period of time, she has gone to a physician... who has referred her to another physician... who has referred her to a specialist... who has referred her to another specialist. Every single one of these doctors have made my Gramma get chest x-rays, blood work and CT's. All within weeks of each other. There is no reason why these doctors couldn't fax over the different test results other than they want to be paid also. Well Gramma has Medicare and just to save her life, she will probably end up filing bankruptcy.

The current health care system is irresponsible and unethical. So preach on, President Obama... your plan is far superior to what we are being forced into now.