Dying Easter Eggs

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These are 2 of my very dear friends, Jordan (left) and Sam (right).  I am lucky enough that they love my kids and love to spend their time with my family, so they were pumped when I invited them to dye Easter eggs with us.  I hard boiled a few thinking that Lorelai would be excited since she loves hard boiled eggs... WRONG!  Turns out she couldn't bare to crack her pretty eggs... so, we had about a dozen hard boiled eggs go bad.  We blew out the yolks on some too, so by the time this pic was taken, we all had sore cheeks.  I love holiday craft projects and I love them even more when Sam and Jordan can join in too.

Mae eventually grew tired of the festivities and Ty put her to sleep in this comfortable position... but he sure was proud of himself that he put her to sleep anyway.