Loism of the day

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Lorelai has been having a problem with not listening to me and purposely disobeying me. One particular problem has been her going behind the t.v. One afternoon I spent an hour pulling her out and giving her time outs. Over and over... she does not give up easily.

Today she got behind and I said stop and she looked at me and snuck into it even further. I did the usual. Time out, she screamed. After a minute I let her off and she went right back to the t.v. I told her to stop and she actually did. She got out and put her soccer goal in front of it (where I have been storing it in a weak attempt to keep her out) and then signed thank you and came running at me all proud of herself.

I was completely naive to think she finally got it because about an hour later, there she was... pulling the soccer goal out and creeping back.

Wish I could figure out how to discipline a one year old.

Yes you did go potty...

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I walked into Lo's room after her nap and immediately smelled a nasty diaper. Lo looked up at me and signed potty for the first time not having to do with the dog. I looked at her and said "yes, honey. you did go potty".


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My goal is to be like that lady whose blog is so popular she supports her entire family on her blog alone. Yes, I am totally that interesting.