Festus the Fetus pics

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Here are the ultrasound pics!  There was a heartbeat at 171 bpm and this little booger was doing a dance.  Shaking its shoulders and then its hips, over and over.  Lo kept saying "he's dancing all over!" Very cute... and quite possibly the reason I've been so sick.  Maybe if he/she held still for a while, I'd feel better.  But I am not in charge right now, so whatever.  I've long since given up hope of control during the next 6 1/2 months.  I have my first doc appointment tomorrow, they'll go over the ultrasound with me, but pretty sure all is well.  The ultrasound techs guess at a due date is October 6-13th.  I figured October 10, so somewhere in there.  I'll get a more "solid" date after tomorrow.

Boy or Girl?

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Well, it's way too early to be able to tell right now... but this is what Lo thinks:

When asked if she wants a boy or girl, she will ALWAYS say girl.  I asked her today if she would be happy if it was a brother or if she would be sad.  She said "HAPPY MOMMY!"  I said "so, happy if it's a girl and happy if it's a boy?"  "Yes, happy to have 2 babies mommy!" she replied.

I don't think I'll ever be able to get her to admit this baby could possibly be a boy... Lord knows there would be no convincing me there's 2 babies, so I guess I can see her point of view!

Turns out I did have a couple pics...

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I guess I did get at least one pic of a onsie... not sure why it's sideways, it's not like that on my computer.  oh well.  

So fun to get personalized onsies, maybe this will be my new baby shower gift for people.

I thought this pic was so cute.  Lorelai is so excited to have a new cousin, she constantly cuddles with her Aunt Toadie and puts her hand on her belly.  

Festus the Fetus

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So I'm 8 weeks now, I think.  My first appt is on the 17th I think.  This pregnancy has so far, been so different.  I've been so incredibly sick.  All day, all night.  Sometimes I have breaks and when I do I feel like it's no big deal and I can handle it.  Then the sick comes and I get into a pity party like you wouldn't believe.

Poor Lorelai.  She has been such a trooper.  She tries to take care of me.  Last week I was sitting on the couch being sick and she put her hand on my face and said "honey, what's wrong?"  So  sweet.  

Anyway- I have about 15 loads of laundry to do today and about 7 days of MC2 paperwork to do, so I'm hoping I have a break day today.  

Toadies baby shower!

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I hosted Ty's sister Kate's (we call her Toadie) baby shower on the 28th. It was a lot of fun and I think we had a good turn out!

I was struggling to find decorations that weren't the cheesy stereotypical stuff, but it was actually really hard. I did make these puff balls to hang in the center of the table. Everything else was pretty basic... pink and white. I just did Costco food to keep me focused on hostessing and not worrying about cooking. I put out my Easter decorations the day before and they actually looked great mixed in with all the pastels.

I set up a onsie decorating station on the table.  Everyone signed in and wrote down advice in a baby shower memory book and then they could get food or decorate onsies... there were so many cute ones.  I wish I would have taken pictures.  I think Toad really enjoyed getting all of the original artwork too.

We played the melted candy bar in the diaper game.  It was fun and really challenging.  I've never played it at a baby shower but I've heard of it being done, sounded super  fun.  It was mostly fun for me to look around and see every ones nose buried in a diaper sniffing.  We also played the obligatory "guess how big the preggos belly is" and the "don't say baby or someone will steal your clothes pin" game.

There's the mommy-to-be herself! Sniffing away!

Then there was the opening of presents.  This is always my favorite part of the baby shower.  I love to see all the little clothes and all the nifty gadgets.  

Ya. she did ok for herself!  I'm so excited to be getting a niece in the next 5 weeks.