Lorelai's First Trip To The Dentist

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Lo will be 3 in a couple weeks, so I figured it was time for me to start getting her regular visits to the dentist.  She was really nervous, I don't know what she thought it would be like, but because of her extensive history with doctors, I think she just didn't know if this doc would hurt too.

You can see the fear starting to show on her face.  She was not about to have me sit on the other side of the room, I had to move the chair over to hold her hand.

Now you can really see the fear.  She kept trying to get down from the chair and just wasn't sure what they were going to do.  Ty recently found out he has to have 2 wisdom teeth pulled so I think she heard us talk about that and kind of got scared.

Getting her teeth counted, she's got 20 of them!

After she was done, she gave me this look like "that wasn't so bad after all".  The dentist said her teeth have nice gaps so when her permenants come in there will be plently of room and no need for braces.  WOO HOO!

She got her bag of goodies, including floss that she has to she has used everyday since the exam.  She's actually not bad at flossing and the dentist said it was definitely time she knew how to use regular toothpaste and spit, so this morning, we taught her that and she did it perfectly.  I wasn't giving her enough credit.

First trip down, hundreds more to go!

Nana's 50th Birthday!

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While in St. George, we planned a surprise 50th birthday party for Mom.  It was by far, the most fun party I've ever been to.  We danced, we sang, we ate... we did the LIMBO!  Here are some of my favorite pics, I don't think they need any explanation.  We love you Nana!  Can't wait to see what the next 50 years bring!

Ok, well this deserves some explanation.  For some reason, we let the birthday girl have a whack at the pinata before the kids and in the first smack, it busted open.  There was an immediate sigh from everyone, including the kids.  Then they realized... there is candy... all over the ground.  CHARGE!  Didn't take long fo them to forget.

Random St. George Trip Pics

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Ok- so these are SO out of order, but they are from March and April so whatev.

The 4 or so hour drive to St. George is NO fun for a 2 year old.  I bought her a Max and Ruby dvd, regardless of how much I hate Max and Ruby, I knew it would keep her occupied.  For the most part it worked, it wasn't towards the end of the trip up and the trip down that she really went stir crazy. 
Bath pics are my favorite, probably because I know how mortified they will be when they are older.  Just a little payback I will store away for a few years.
Papa brought a treat for Grant.  He was the only one we figured we could get to eat it and we were right!  Looks innocent enough right?

WRONG! That was a real scorpion inside.  He sucked on this thing until the tail was coming out of it.  Amy finally took it away and to be honest, I was really glad because it was starting to creep me out.  What a daring kid!  I couldn't even bring myself to taste the darn thing.

Dinner and Build A Bear!

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One night, we went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory... which BTW, besides the actual cheesecake, I don't see the big deal.  But that's neither here nor there.  I added this pic, for one because there are hardly ever pics of Papa and Lo and two, because I think you can see how much she adores her Papa and the funny relationship they have.

We were at the mall and walked past a Build-A-Bear workshop, there was no way I was going to not be able to stop... so we did and Lo picked out the freak show of the year to build.  It's an elephant, not bad right? Well, she picked out a monkey cackle to put in it's hand.  So now we have an elephant that sounds like a monkey.

She stuffed it.
And kissed a heart to put inside.
Got it all stitched up.
Gave it a bath.
Then proceeded to pick out an Ariel costume to dress it up in.  So, we have an elephant... that sounds like a monkey... that looks like a mermaid... whose name is Mary... AND who is a BOY.  WOW!
I'm pretty sure she loved the box more than Mary.  After we got home, she told me that the Ariel wig scared her, so we had to take it off but she still loves her monkey speaking elephant mermaid.  I love her for being so quirky.

I found the video... read the below blog before watching.

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More On Our Trip To Utah

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When we were up North, we went to the most ghetto Chuck E. Cheese imitation.  Lorelai would never know the difference, she had a BLAST!  

I had to put this one in just because I am lucky enough to have such a pretty girl!  :)
Testing her strength... gRRR

Hungry hungry hippos was by far her favorite game.  She must have played Nana 15 times and won all 15!

Can't you see the excitement on this one?  haaha... might have been a little young for her.

Ok, Nana is going to kill me for putting this one up, but I had to because it was by far the funniest thing I have ever seen.  Nana was the only one daring enough to ride on this ride with Lo.  You have to understand this place was GROSS! There was dirt and muck ground into the gates around the rides.  The kids running the equipment were no more than 16.  It was bad, I'm not even sure why I let my kid ride on it, let alone my mother!!  I need to find the video because the video is pretty humorous.   Lorelai had a blast, not so sure Nana did... but boy, I'm positive I won't see anything as funny as that again.

Making Pizza With Nana

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Yes, I know... this is from MARCH!  I'm trying to get caught up.  Felt like crap for so long, didn't want to do ANYTHING, let alone sit in front of the computer.  So let's get caught up.

Nana is so patient with my little helper that watched carefully for Nana to even step foot in the kitchen, hoping to get to help her with whatever it was she might be making.  Even when Nana just went in the kitchen for water, Lo was right at her feet asking if she could help.  She got her chance to do some "real" cooking when Nana made us homemade pizza.

Nana didn't even have the beater on yet, but she was pretty sure she wouldn't like it and was plugging her ears.   

The best part!  Kneading!

Roll it and roll it. Pat it.  Mark it with an L, and...

PUT IT IN THE OVEN!  Her first ever pizza!  We love you Nana!  Thank you for giving Lo so many good memories!

Taking Out a Bush

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We have a small yard, which after having the BIGGEST backyard at our last house, this was a welcome thing.  I forgot to get a before pic, but this giant bush was taking over a whole section of our yard.  We had to cut it in half to just be able to use our side walk.  It was time for the other annoying Bush to go.  Here are some pics: 

She dug the WHOLE thing up herself... daddy may have helped a little bit.

This is the giant bush we moved to our RV pad until we loaded it up in the truck, had no idea it was a refuge for about 50-60 snails.  Lo and I saved as many as we could and moved them to a new location.

Not sure if you can see them in there, but there were a TON of them in this grass patch... aka, their new home.

It's not a day unless Lo is posing with Tully at least once.