Some of my favs... not all 76... had to stop myself somewhere.

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My little girl is turning 2!!
These are what we call "I Love You Fingers". We have taught her sign language since a young age and I am so happy to capture her second language talents.
No joke, this is how she would leave the house daily if I let her. The santa hat is worn every day in my house... adding the seahawk "12th man" beanie is a second fav... but both together??? WOW!

Lorelai loves wishing flowers, so when we found this feild of them, she was in pure heaven.

I love those lips... just want to kiss them.

She tries so hard to blow on them but she can't ever get enough wind in the same direction, so she just shakes them. But I love watching her try.
Throughout this shoot, she tried her darndest to something to "ruin" all the pictures. Holding her shirt up, making funny faces, turning her head and tucking her hand in her dress. Little does she know, these are the pics I love the most.

Roller Skating Diva

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She was so jealous of Lucy and Williams skates that she had to have her own. She actually did pretty well for a while. They are toddler skates so they have stages. The first stage locks all the wheels so she can just get used to walking with skates on.

I can't help but chuckle when I see these pics. She was so proud of herself. I could tell she felt like such a big girl. Her friend Sophia was watching and I know she was showing off a little.

After this experience tho, I realized the need for a flat, even surface. She fell down a million times and eventually said "mommy, hold you!" Now that I think we are going to get a break in the weather I will take her to the tennis court or basketball court. Might be easier on her.