Tea Party for Four

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Lorelai got a very sweet dress from Stella for her birthday with a tea pot and tea cups all over it. When we got home from lunch with Stella and Aliya and Landon saw the dress, they were inspired to have a tea party. They prepared all the food and got all the coffee cups out. They took them into the playroom and set it all up. Then they all got into their nice clothes and of course, Lo got into her tea party dress.

Apples, strawberries, carrots (and a seperate plate of ranch so it doesn't touch the fruit) and water for tea.

Lo and Grant swirled their suckers in their tea.

Lo was dipping apples in ranch, this is Aliyas reaction... not too thrilled.

Here is Landon refilling everyones tea. I haven't had this much success getting Lo to drink straight water in a long time!!

And let's have a toast! To new toys, having friends over to play and most of all... to long and healthy lives. Ok... they may not have said that, but they thought it.

You can't ever expect Landon to stay put for too long. Didn't take him much time to be under the table being crazy.

Grant needs to be famous because he loves having pics taken of himself. He kept doing different poses and telling me to take pictures of him. Then he'd make me show him every single pic. He's a nut!

This is why I am exhausted...

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It's been windy the last couple days, so yesterday the kids decided to fly a kite. After a lot of work, they finally got it up.

We let them fly for a while and then looked out and they were all sitting in the stroller. hahahaha
The things kids come up with are so funny. I couldn't ever figure out if they were hoping the wind would carry them away or if they just got tired. If you look close you can see them on the left and kite up on the right.
After cleaning and spending the day at home yesterday, the kids needed to get out of the house. It was supposed to get stormy today, so Nancy and I decided to take the kids bowling. It ended up to be a nice day, so we could have gone to the pool... oh well. Maybe tomorrow. Here are some bowling pics! Nancy and I decided to put the kids on one lane and us on the other. It was fine, but the ball took about a minute just to reach the pins each time, so the one game (actually only 7 rounds) took about an hour and a half. Next time we figure we will divide the kids up between us... or better yet the whole family can go and we could probably take up the whole alley.
Landon was naturally really good at it. His ball only took about 25 seconds to hit the pins and sometimes he didn't even hit the bumpers. The only thing was he didn't really care what happened after the ball left his hands so he was pushing the reset button before his ball got to the pins.
Nancy and Landon double teaming it.Being patient is SOOOOO hard for a 2 and 3 year old. They actually did pretty good considering. And those bowling shoes are RIDICK!!! So cute.
Lo had to find a way to ham it up at some point and get the attention. hahahaAhhh, there's my cutie patootie neice.
Lo was so cute trying to push the ball. The only one whose ball took longer than Lo was Grants. Grant definitely took the cake for slowest ball.
His technique was pretty good tho.

I didn't do too well, probably because if I wasn't holding Trey, I was looking behind me... totally horrified a kid might run up behind me and I would whack them in the face. But I did get one spare and one strike. Lo was actually winning for a while, but Aliya took first, Landon second, Lo third, Caydence fourth and Grant fifth.
Caydence and Grant had to add some style to their bowling.
And here is an Aliya action shot. She is a good sport hanging out with all the younger kids and still having a good time.

As put together and relaxed and organized as these pics may look, Nancy and I were running around like crazed people. I was sweating profusely. Lorelai just wanted to take her shoes off and run away. Grant wanted to hang out with the people to left of us. Landon wanted to keep his hands on the ball in the holder (which is a crushing injury waiting to happen). Caydence just wanted to push the reset button. Trey wanted me to love him. Aliya was just generally helpful and did whatever I asked of her to help us keep the younger kids contained.
All in all it was a really fun time. Regardless of how exhausted I am, I have really enjoyed getting to know my neices and nephews better. They really are great kids... even more so when they are away from Amy. I think they are so sick of her not being able to take care of them they act up more when she is around. Maybe I should have sent her to Washington to rest while I stayed here. Then she would actually rest and not do more than what she should be.
I have 3 1/2 days left. Was going really slow until today... now it's speeding up.

What we've been up to...

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All of you know by now that Amy broke her pelvis and has been down for a few weeks and prob has a few more weeks to go. I decided to fly out here on the 6th and help take care of her household and kids while she recovers. Here are some pics of what we've been doing this last week...
This was on the airplane. It was definitely the best flight we've had, but still... this kid has a long way to go before I will enjoy flying with her.
Monday we went to the splash pad park. Lo wasn't too sure about it, but as long as the other kids were running around in it, then she was pretty happy to follow suit.
Grant didn't get in the water once, but he did make 2 girlfriends and hung out with them the entire time. What a PIMP.
I think this was Tuesday, Grant put on Lo's princess dress. Lo was really upset, so I put Grants lion on her and she was just as happy as a clam.
What a cute little lion! She was crawling all over the floor "rawr"ing.
Utah give Lo serious bed head. I have never seen anything like the rat nests she wakes up with day after day.
Tuesday we discovered the pool at Nancy's house. It was totally fun, but we didn't have floaties for all the kids. Grant even "drowned" as he says. He went under for a second, but I got to him pretty quick. I went and got some floaties that night.
This was Lo's first time in a pool since last summer at her swimming lessons and I'm sure she doesn't remember that, so she was a little hesitant. Didn't like to stay in for long periods of time.
Mostly she just laid there and sunned herself. Which I totally get, I would have rather been doing that too.
Aliya is a super good swimmer and she keeps the boys and Caydence pretty much entertained.
These are from Thursday. We went back to the pool, prepared this time! Trey likes the water until he gets sleepy. He is so cute floating around in that thing.

Caydence is so cute and is so comfortable in the water. It's so fun to watch all the cousins run around and play.

And here's the gimp herself! She finally got the ok to do very minimal activity to try and start rehabing the pelvis. The doc recommended swimming, so we brought her with us. Even though it was super hard for her to get in and out and up and down, she felt pretty darn good floating around with her hippo.

Lo refused to play in the pool too much, but probably the last hour of the 2nd day in the pool she let me put floaties on and actually let go of her. Of course someone was always right next to her, but she got a kick out of floating around by herself.

So that's what we've done so far... at least the fun stuff. This morning we are going to Josh and Ashley's pool at the hotel. Better get the kids up and at em.