Ooh Lincoln City... I Miss You!

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All I wanted for my 30th birthday was to get away!  So we packed our bags and headed south to Lincoln City, OR.  It was the most absolutely perfect place for me to be before leaving my 20's.  The house we rented was gorgeous and spacious and perfect.  The weather was sunny and warm and perfect.  The people we brought with us, Kim and Nancy were perfect.  It was my most favorite weekend ever.  I can't wait to go back again and again and again.

This is the view from the rental.  The sound of the ocean filled the whole house, it is such a powerful yet relaxing sound.  I wish I could hear it every day.

The first night, we got there a little late so we played some games and just hung out.

Lorelai's first experience with Candyland... super fun!

The next day it was 65 and sunny... unheard of on the Oregon coast in January.  It was a birthday blessing.

Another birthday blessing is what a good baby I have!  Super smiley even after a diaper blow out.

Mae loves to hang out near her favorite furry cousins, Tucker and Taz.

The entire weekend was so relaxing and there was so much time to do absolutely nothing and with Kim and Nancy there to play with Mae, I got some reading time in.

Me and my Nanc.  Love this girl!

Sunday, we decided to take a day trip to the aquarium.  It was probably the most lame aquarium we have been to, but it was still a fun outing.  Mae spent the afternoon chewing on my hand.

These crabs were enormous!  And they standing up like they were going to attack.  Of course all I could hear in my head was "hey, hey, hey" from Nemo.

They did have a really cool tunnel where you were surrounded by the aquarium.  I love this picture, Lorelai was in such a state of wonder.  Seeing the fish swimming all around her was amazing for her.

My poor baby girl will always have a hard time finding pants that will cover up her entire bum.  They will fit every other place, but her crack will always be out in the open.

This is Ty's favorite bridge.  Doesn't look like much huh?  That's what I thought... I try not to judge him.

This is what Lorelai thinks about Ty's favorite bridge.  hehe

All in all the weekend was just what I needed it to be.  We cooked fabulous food, played games, laughed, took walks and just enjoyed every second.  I wanna go back right now.

My Girls

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I took a quick shower and in that 5 minutes, Lorelai had climbed into Mae's playpen.  Even with Mae being so young, they have so much fun together.  Lorelai can be such a great big sister!

They melt my heart!

New Years

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I imagine that many more of our New Years will be exactly like this years... at home with our babies.  We had an appetizer fest; making wings, mini-pizzas, cheese sticks and jalapeno poppers.  We played games and just had a really fun time together.  Lorelai made it all the way until midnight and we banged on pots and pans.

Me and my girls... even tho Mae's hat had fallen down.  All 3 of us can't be perfect in one picture.  :)