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Lo's newest favorite word is no. It's so funny to listen to her answer every question with a no. "Lorelai- do you want milk?" "NO!" So I put it away and she screams for milk. Happens with everything.

Her words are the best, they make me laugh every time I hear her say something. It's just so crazy that this life that was a baby blob is now starting to speak. I love it when she says "Nook" for milk, signing it too of course. "Ju" for juice. "Mooooooo" for cow. "Neigh" for horse, emu, sheep and every other farm animal. And then there's my favorite, which is when she picks up my cell phone and says "He-woe". Ugghhhhh- I love it!!

I'm hosting a small kiddie Halloween party- can't wait to see all these little people in their costumes.

Sitting in the car with sleeping Lo

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Lorelai fell asleep on the way home from Grandma's house and if that happens and I wake her up taking her to bed... it's all over. No more nap, just grumpy Lo. So here I sit.

Lo and I are having so much fun here with all the family. Lorelai has learned so many new things from her cousins. Grant pretty much hates her and will push her over every time he walks by her, but Landon adores her and tries to love her a little too much. He gives her big bear hugs and tries to pull her where ever he is going. Sweet, but a little too much contact for Lo. So the funniest thing she has started doing is whenever either Landon or Grant come near her she starts screaming "NOOGA NOOGA NOOGA NOOGA" It started out as "NO NO NO" but everything with Lo is about rhythm and flow... NOOGA makes more sense apparently.

Most recently tho, Amy and I have caught her sucking her thumb. I'm hoping it's more imitation from seeing Grant do it... but I guess we'll find out!

All in all it's been a very fun trip and I think the best is yet to come. This weekend James and Dad will be down and we will be going to the pumpkin patch, celebrating dad's birthday and enjoying Mom's home cooking.


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My 4 year old nephew Landon is all boy. Last night we were ordering dinner at Cafe Rio and I was holding him. My sweater was a little low cut and I was holding him with both hands creating a bit of cleavage. He reached down my shirt and grabbed my boobs yelling "I got your boobies". I said "Landon- no! Don't do that". He kept doing it until I put him down, at which point he slapped my butt and ran away.

This will be my favorite story to tell him when he is a teenager and hanging out with his buddies.