Red light, green light woes

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I taught Lo what red, yellow and green lights mean. She picked it up pretty quick except now, when we are in the car, all I hear is "Mommy! Red light! STOP!" or "Green light Mommy! GOOOOOO!"

This is added to her already worried little mind that tells me to "be careful!" and "too fast Mommy!" Talk about a back seat driver... SHEESH!

Rock the Vote!

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Important Voting Info!!! (pass it on...)

Everyone's talking about how important it is to vote today, but there are still lots of people who don't have all the information! Help your friends and family be informed by checking with all your voting questions.

-look up the address where you're registered
-find your polling place
-learn the law about time off from work

Also you can video your election day experiences and upload them to

PASS IT ON!!!!!!

Happy Election Day!

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Even though I voted last week, I'm still going to be glued to the t.v. all day and night to see how the voting goes. I honestly don't think we could do any worse, so as long as everyone gets out and votes... I'm happy!!


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Halloween has been such a blur the last 2 years. Guess that comes with the kid territory. This year we started off by going to Gramma's house. Lo was so sad when Gramma couldn't come trick or treating with us. Here's a couple pics from there:

After that we went to Lucy and Williams house and got ready to go to the Sheridan Park center for some games. There was a ton of kids there and it was so incredibly loud, so we didn't stay very long. The below pic pretty much sums up how I felt about it:

Lorelai was getting stressed out with all the people. She actually bit me, which hasn't ever happened before, so it was time to leave after about 10 minutes. But here are the pics from that:

Then it was trick or treat time! I actually got to take her this year. Garma and Garpa came along and Lo conned Garma into carrying her from house to house. Tricky little character. She was so excited about getting the candy she didn't want to stop. She went to sleep crying that she wanted to trick or treat longer. Here are the pics from that!

It was a great Halloween and I am so excited that Lo has such great friends to experience these fun times with. There are a couple more pics I don't have yet from a dance party she had at Kim and Nancys, I'll post those when I get them.


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Tolerance is a God given gift every baby is born with, YOU are the ones that change that. Why not teach to love and not discriminate?