A fun time killer...

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Laura introduced me to this fun website you can try out different hairstyles and be placed in year book folders. It's awesome, love it. Here are my faves:

2008 Kitsap Fair!

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We have been to the fair for 4 or 5 years in a row now but more importantly Lo has been every year of her life! The first year, she was barely 3 months old. I nursed her at the milking station where they milk the cows. hahahaha. That's my favorite memory of the fair.

Last year was fun because she knew what animals were and was excited to see all of them, but she was still taking naps and got grumpy quick so we couldn't stay very long.

But this year was by far the most fun. She not only knew the animals but was so excited to see them and we spent the majority of our time walking through all the animals. We also got to ride the rides this year. I never thought she would be as excited about the rides as she was. There was a dizzy dinosaur that I thought for sure she would cry through but she didn't. The more we spun, the more excited she got and wanted to go again. I, on the other hand, was not about to get on that thing again.

Here are some pics!

Found these from Lo's birthday

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I found these 2 pics on Ty's dads camera and had to post them... she is so funny. But, it was her party and she'll have 2 suckers if she wants to.

Toadie's Wedding

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Toadie's wedding was on the 9th of August. As much as I complain about dressing up, it was fun to wear my fake eyelashes and get my hair done. Here is a pic of me and my hubby walking down the aisle.

Lo didn't manage to throw flowers, but she did make it all the way down the aisle, which is further than she made it at Jessica's wedding, so I take it to be a success!! Her and Kadyn were very cute.

The happy couple! It was a very beautiful ceremony with tears shed! I wish I had a picture of the cute dance Kate did after this.

This was after taking hundreds of pics, so Lo was naturally irritated. But I think it's a cute pic anyway.

Here Lo is with her Garpa. These 2 are so dang cute together. She has him so wrapped around her finger and she knows it!!

The after party was my fav part. Our friends reunited Cone and Rachel was here and we had such a great time dancing and laughing. I had a blast!!

Viral Meningit-yuck-is

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Last Sunday I started to get a nasty headache. I didn't think much of it because Rachel had been here for a week and Toadie's wedding was the night before and we uh... well, had LOTS of fun. Late nights and lots of good times.

So I napped Sunday and went to bed early. I woke up Monday with a gigantic headache. Every day it got worse and worse. Wednesday at 4 am I woke up with a 104 fever and couldn't even bare the pain of my headache, my joints ached, I was nauseas and irritable. I called the doc that day and got an appt for 11am. Dr. Havers did blood tests and had me go in for a ct, she gave me a prescription for a mild pain reliever. I got home and took some of the medicine and it just got worse and worse. The nurse called and told me the ct was clear so call back in the morning if it still hurts.

That night was horrible, I got no sleep and the pain in my head was the worst pain I have ever felt... and I've had natural child birth. I called the doctor and they told me I should go into the er. Ty came home and his mom came over to watch Lo. And off we went to the emergency room. I got checked in and they decided to do a lumbar puncture to test for viral meningitis. However first they needed to put in an iv.

Most of you know, I don't do well with needles. However lately it seems as though I've concurred this fear. I had my blood drawn earlier in the week and didn't even flinch. But as he was putting the iv in, I felt myself slipping away further and further until finally I was in such a happy place. I don't remember what my dream was, but it was the best dream and there was no pain and I felt so good and never wanted to leave.

In reality, I had passed out, but because of the meningitis, it had escalated it into a seizure and from what I understand I was flailing about all over the hospital bed with blue lips and my tongue swollen and hanging out my mouth, wide open eyes. I guess the sight was enough to make Ty almost pass out.

When they finally got me awake it was the rudest awakening. The room was suddenly filled with people and they were all screaming at me. I felt pain again, I was scared and I couldn't breath. When the dust settled, they gave me some iv pain meds and gave me time to recover before performing the lumbar puncture.

When that came back an hour later, we learned it was indeed viral meningitis. Thankfully not bacterial, but at least they can treat bacterial. The only treatment for viral is to treat the symptoms. So I was sent home with anti-nausea meds and oxycodone for the pain.

All evening and night Thursday I threw up, which was even more horrible because I couldn't keep my pain meds down. It was possibly the lowest point of my life. I would never even wish it upon my worst enemy.

Friday and Saturday were spent in bed, in and out of sleep and in the most pain I have ever felt. The one symptom that I hadn't had was neck rigidity and pain, but I developed that Friday night... I was banned from Lo in case I was still contagious, so I was quarantined in my room. Sunday I started feeling a little better and was able to get out of bed. My headache lifted a little. The medicine started to actually work.

Today I had a follow up. The doctor refilled my meds and said it could take a few weeks to feel like myself again. I am so tired of being sick and it's been so long now (today is the 9th day), I have forgotten what it feels like to be normal. I'm still having pain when I look in my peripherals, so I have another follow up on Friday.

Throughout this whole thing I have been so blessed by my friends and family. My Gramma made us dinners, my friends grocery shopped and babysat Lo for hours on end. I can't even express how much it meant to me. I didn't have to worry about one thing. Laura did all my worrying for me and was 2 steps ahead, always taking care of my needs before I even had them. At first I was nervous because my mom and sister are so far away, but there was no need for that.

Everyone keeps asking how I caught it, it's a viral infection. Anyone can catch it. There are carriers that never actually get the infection, they just give it to mostly the young, old and those with weakened immune systems (ding ding ding).

So I've probably got a few more days before I am feeling back to my old self... I'm hoping its sooner rather than later.

Zoo Fun

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My mommy friend Shelby and I decided to take our girls to the zoo last week. Lo loves animals but we haven't taken her to the zoo since last year so I was totally pumped!

She loves otters, but there were porcupines in there as well and I had no idea she even knew what it was or looked like until she yelled out "mom! porpupine!"

The Anoa were her fav for this zoo trip. They constantly came up to the window and she loved getting that close to them. Startled her at first, but then she realized she was safe behind the glass.
These girls are like sisters, Sophia really looks up to Lo and Lorelai just likes to pick on Sophia. She does adore Sophia, she just likes being the older one since most her other friends are older.

Lo has had a tumultuous relationship with the carousel. When she was a baby, she loved it. Last year... no way. She cried and I had to hold her the entire time. But this year! Wow! She was a little hesitant at first, then she really got into it and loved it! She actually screamed crying saying "MY TUUUUURRRNNNN" when it was time to get off.
All in all it was one of my favorite days this summer and I'm so glad I had Shelby and Sophia to share it with. Next week we are venturing to the Science Center. Very excited!!

BD- Spoilers below, so don't read if you haven't finished

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Right after I finished Breaking Dawn this afternoon I jumped online to read reviews and was absolutely floored that so many people hated it. I think it brought the saga to a perfect close. I read review after review about what kind of message is she sending to girls that they don't have to go to college, they can get married and knocked up and everything will work out just fine. WHAT??? Are you kidding me???

Following that train of thought we could also say, what is she trying to tell girls? That they can find a vampire to marry and be bff's with a werewolf?

People have lost track of what FICTION is. It's all about being able to escape from your life and be mentally wrapped up into someone elses. The lessons you learn from fiction are not about the situations they are in, but rather how they deal with situations. Regardless of what happens within the Cullen family, they treat each other with loyalty and respect. There's a good lesson to learn. What about facing your problems and figuring out solutions that not only work for you, but others around you? There's another good lesson.

Any girl that will make it in this life will make it regardless of whether they read Breaking Dawn. Any girl that has enough sense to make it in this life will know that it is fiction and of course it makes more sense to go to college and of course getting married at 18 is harder than 25. And OF COURSE she will know that there are no vampires and no werewolves.

Also I read a lot of readers were mad there wasn't more romance from Edward and Bella. I guess maybe you have to be a mom to really "get" Breaking Dawn. Reading about Bella doing everything she could to make sure her child stayed in her womb, when the Volturi came and she was protecting her and then when she thought it was hopeless, saying goodbye to her. I felt her ache, I imagined having to say goodbye to my child in order to save her life, broke my heart. I get this, I am a mom. This love is just as amazing as the love between her and Edward. Not to mention that the ultimate love, Edward and Bella creating a child. There is no more romance possible than that! So to those readers, sorry... you just don't get it.

Of course life isn't tied into a sweet little bow and not everyone gets everything they want out of life the way Bella got her man, baby and to be a vampire... but can't we just for a few days pretend that we can have everything we want out of life? Pretend that in the end everything will be absolutely perfect? Don't ruin that for us that know what fiction is.