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This year was especially special for us because it was our first Christmas with our Mabel!  It was also our first year with 2 kids and Santa had to make a few changes as to the amount of gifts he brought.  Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Still I think Lorelai made out pretty darn good.  I love wrapping presents and setting them all up... definitely one of the better perks of parenthood.

Mae didn't do too shabby either, and although she didn't know one present from 100... the gifts that she got were things that she now, at 6 months old, LOVES!

I think Lo might be a cheerleader when she grows up because she absolutely loves dressing up like a cheerleader, Santa must have known because he got her a new uniform.

And the ONLY thing she asked for this year was Strawberry Shortcake... Santa got the memo.

So did Nana and Papa because they outdid Santa and got her all outfitted for some serious Strawberry Shortcake play.

Anyone who knows Lorelai, knows that she loves to dress up like animals, hair clippies like a rabbit are perfect!

Whose idea was it to give her a drum??  Horrible Santa idea.

After opening all the presents, we noticed one more that was plugged into the wall.  We turned it on and WOW! Santa left a blow up house.  Super fun!

There were no pics of Mae... probably because she slept right through.  She was such a super sleeper at 2 months that there are hardly any pics of her at all... she was always asleep! 

Dance Recital

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Lorelai has been in dance since the summer and finally we got to see all her hard work at her very first recital.  Of course, they just mostly stood there and smiled and forgot their steps... but so incredibly cute anyway.  I mean, Lorelai was obviously the best dancer up there, but I might be slightly biased.  

Here is the proud Daddy with his 2 girls

Mae got all dressed up for the occasion.

Seriously enough to melt your heart into a big ol' puddle...

I chose this pic because my little girl is so well endowed in the rear.  I love her little bubble butt.

I even remembered flowers for the little dancer.

She did a great job, I cant wait to see how her dancing progresses and what area she decides to go in.