The 3 week head trauma

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Lo was at Nana Sandy's house and tripped and fell and rocked her head on the coffee table leaving a giant goose egg on her forehead. A week later I just stepped in the shower and heard a loud thump and then screaming. Came running out and Lo was bleeding from her mouth. I grabbed her and started to clean her up when I noticed the goose egg was more than back. Bigger than last time and there was an outside ring of yellow from the week before's incident with a giant blue inner lump from this time. 2 days later her delayed black eyes showed up from that crash.

A whole week later I was chatting with MG and Lo was playing with her kids and she was on the couch and fell off backwards, flipping over and smacking into the hardwoods face first. I about died. The black eyes instantly got worse and the forehead goose egg was the biggest yet and she scratched her upper lip. I felt so incredibly horrible. I didn't get good pics of the first 2, but these are pics after a few days of the 3rd. I wish the pics were true to how horrible it really was. These pics look totally mild.

Chuck E Cheese

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We took Lo to Chuck E Cheese for her actual birthday. Ty's parents, Gramma, Paul and the Holts met us there. We took Lo to Chuck E Cheese not that long ago and she hated it! She wouldn't ride any of the rides and kept signing and saying "SCARY!" So we weren't sure how it would go over, but she actually LOVED it this time! I think we all had a great time and she even got more gifts the lucky duck!!

This jeep jerks around from side to side and forward and back. She was playing peek a boo through the windsheild.
I'm not sure you are supposed to THROW the ski ball... but she had fun doing it!
Grandma Lyn gave her this mermaid that she has ocd with and the hair has to always be perfect and she gets really mad when you mess it up.
She hasn't rode on this since last year because it has been too scary. And again, she's fixing the mermaids hair. hahaha

Finally doing something with this thing.

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I finally added a layout that suits me, actually used some of the apps blogger has to offer. I added the blogger feed so I don't have to go to every single blog I follow to see if there's new stuff... it posts it now for me and I added a slide show from my picasa web albums that I have started to post to. I also added a music player with a few of my current faves. Wow... I feel to savvy.

Better warm up soon...

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East Coast peeps... bottle that heat up and send it this way! I have 2 inches of oil left and can't afford $5/gallon to get anymore!!

Lorelai's Second Birthday!

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So my daughter is officially 2 now, I can't believe it. In some ways I can't even remember what life was like without her and it feels like she's always been here with us. But in other ways, 2 years went by so incredibly fast. There are no words to describe the way I feel about this little girl. She is amazing to me, she has so much wonder and fascination for life. Anyway- these are some pics from her b-day party this last Saturday.

Well, finally it was the big day. All the hard work paid off!

All the Yo Gabba Gabba characters... now officially up for sale.

It looked AMAZING!

Treat Bags!
Chris from August Wynn did all the food, I ordered a white strawberry shortcake cake from him and Nancy is talented enough to pull this off! If you don't know Yo Gabba Gabba none of this will make sense to you... it's all in the theme!
On the menu was pulled pork, meat and cheese tray, potato salad, green bean salad, mozarella balls, shrimp and grilled and fresh veggies and of course, Laura made her fabulous pasta salad. Not too much was kid friendly, but they were so hopped up on sugar, I think it was ok to be selfish with the food.

Nancy whipped out a life size Brobee in an ADHD fit and Lo LOVES it... but she does keep asking why Brobee is sad. He is sad in the show a lot, but also has a smiley face. However, there is no way to change that on the lifesize one... so that's been fun to try and explain why no matter how many times she kisses and hugs Brobee, he won't get happy!

Her outfit was ridiculously cute. She looked adorable in it!!

She had such a good time opening presents and she is the most gracious little girl ever. Telling everyone thank you without even being asked and every time a present would open she would gasp and say "Look at that!"

Here comes the cake!! Of course, she had to put on her new princess dress.

She blew her candle out with gusto! She knew exactly what to do!

Yum! Cake and ice cream!

It was a fabulous party, thank you so much to all who helped me put it together. Couldn't have done it without everyones help. Lorelai had such a great day and we were lucky enough to have Nana and Papa here to celebrate with us!!

I have a few more pics and some from tonight, which is her actual birthday. We went to Chuck E Cheese, so I hope to get those up sometime soon.

Nana and Papas trip

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Lorelai was so tickled her Nana and Papa were here to see her. She calls Ty's parents Garma and Garpa, so calling my mom and dad Nana and Papa was a little hard to grasp. She switched between the 2 sets of names... at one point she called my dad Garpapa. Nice mix. We spent the first few days planning for Lo's birthday, this is a pic walking into Walmart right before Lo dropped her feet and made them carry her in by her arms.
After the party was over (will be in a separate post), we finally got to do some fun stuff. We went to the Science Center. This pic is right before Lo fell completely off the caterpillar. The Butterfly Exhibit was the most amazing it has ever been. There were so many of them fluttering all about. The most popular person in the butterfly world was dad. One landed on his head and then this one hung out on his shoulder the entire time we were in the exhibit and then the butterfly whisperer had to take it off him before we could leave.
Lo was so into exploring the butterflies.
This is Lo Lo and Garpa in the helicopter. They look like they are getting ready to fly away!
On the ferry daddy let Lo stick her head out the sunroof. It was so cold, I'm surprised she didn't turn into a popcycle.

We didn't take too many pics now that I go back through my camera. I'll have to snap some tomorrow before we reluctantly say goodbye. I really, really am not looking forward to taking them to the airport tomorrow... seems like they just got here. I was hoping to talk my dad into staying a little longer while they were here and had a sweet 2 year old begging them to stay... but my sister broke her pelvis and my sis in law has a broken foot. So unless I can come up with an injury worse than both put together... I will be parentless tomorrow. I can't even talk about it yet.

My chosen family

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At least a couple times a week, we all get together. Most of the time it ends with the kids in the hot tub. Ben was the lucky one this night that got to "bathe" all the kids. These are my favorite nights when the kids are running around playing and all the parents get to hang out and chit chat, telling funny stories. Some "chicken bones" on the grill and Lauras pasta salad.

Lo happens to LOVE Ben so much. Most of the time she calls him daddy since Lucy and Will do.