The Nutcracker

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We went to the Nutcracker with Ty's mom and sister. I do not wish to talk about it, I'm still traumatized... but before it started I got some cute pictures.


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I think this was our funnest Christmas yet! Lo finally semi-understands the concept of Santa Claus. She really got into all of the traditions. Which, I created another one this year. Ty and I were watching Dirty Jobs and his job was a gourd farm that scrapes them and dries them and turns them into these amazing decorations. My new tradition is adding a gourd every year. I love him. Definitely my favorite Christmas decoration.

Lo loved leaving a cookie and milk for Santa and I found this gigantic carrot for the reindeer.

I was tryig to explain that she needs to go to sleep quickly so Santa can come quicker, looks like I was the only one understanding

I take a pic every year of Ty reading Twas The Night Before Christmas to Lo. I love looking at them side by side, 3rd Christmas this year!

Christmas morning! Amy got her a Fancy Nancy dress and shoes that she loves! Her favorite books are Fancy Nancy so it was fun to show her she was wearing the same dress as Nancy!

A personal DVD player was a must this year. Her old one broke so it was time for a new and this one is supposed to be TOUGH!

She was so sweet and cute and amazed. Couldn't believe all the presents were for her.

Her most favorite present was her Brobee doll. She had all of the other Yo Gabba Gabba stuffed animals, but not Brobee. When you asked her what she wanted for Christmas all she would tell you is Brobee. Definitely a dream come true for her. haha

Mommy Chronicles

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I used to have a whole cabinet full of beautiful smelling soaps and body wash. Spring time scents, winter scents, going out scents, etc. etc.

This morning I found myself showering with a very unnatural strawberry scented glycerin ball with a Christmas snow globe in the middle. I had other choices... there was the harsh staph killing soap we use on Lo when she gets flair ups. There was rollers of equally unnatural smelling body paint soaps. There was baby wash.

Although none of my options were close to my beautiful smelling ones collecting dust in a box somewhere, I chose the glycerin ball because Lo is so excited to get the snow globe out of the middle and I know if I use it than she will get it out quicker.

This is my life... and I couldn't be happier!

A little bit of catch up...

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One of my favorite things to do this time of year is bake. Even more now that I live so far away from my mom. Seeing her in the kitchen baking is one of my strongest memories of the holidays and I love all of the goodies she made only once a year. I really want Lorelai to have that memory and to be apart of it and help me. I bought us matching aprons and we have been baking once a week for a month it seems like. I love it, and she just loves to taste... oh, and crack eggs leaving little egg shells in whatever I bake.

Lorelai is finally old enough to do gingerbread houses. I am not nearly crafty enough to make my own, I just buy the kit. I think she ate more than she helped though. Every time I looked at her she was putting fistfulls of candy in her mouth. Oh well, it's the holidays, right?

This is Phil. I have known his wife, Jessica since high school and they moved in with us a little while ago temporarily from Palm Springs until they can get on their feet. There certainly isn't a shortage of laughs when Phil is around. He has taught Lo a few interesting tricks. She now will ask you to pull her finger... which is fun. I think this was one of the nicer things he taught her. How to lick frosting off the palm of your hand. Goody!
This was Phil's Elton John gingerbread man. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. I think he did a great job.In all of my 12-13 years of living in Western Washington, I have never seen the amount of snow we got this year. After it was all said and done, I think we got 2 feet and with no rain to melt it, we were royally S.O.L. with everything. It started last week and when I went grocery shopping there was absolutely no produce and no milk. No trucks can get in with the cities prepardness lacking immensly. The roads have been horrid, no plow trucks, no salters or de-icers except on the highways. A few gas stations ran out of gas and we didn't get mail for a few days. Perfect for holiday time! No UPS either, which means no presents from Nana and Papa for Christmas day. I think it's probably a good thing so Lorelai can open them separate from everything else and really appreciate them without being overwhelmed.
But I digress, these pics were from our first day of snow and so there isn't much to play in. Ty and Lo were out there throwing snowballs at each other still tho. I personally hate snow. My espresso stand was closed more than open because of road conditions and we were literally stuck at home more than one day. Luckily my car is like a mini-4 wheeler. It has sabilization and all wheel and totally rocked it out in the snow. I am so incredibly appreciative of it now. I would drive down the road and see 20-25 people walking to the grocery store in the freezing 2 feet of snow. I think everyone made the best of it though. We spent one day at Laura's house because she has a hot tub. The kids would be bare butt naked and run out of the hot tub and into the snow and then run back in. It was so fun and the kids had a blast. We made real snow cones, ate great home cooked food and spent a lot of time together as a family. Can't beat that, right?

What I am getting for Christmas...

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Be jealous.

Manette Coffee Company

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Ty never takes any vacation time and he accrues a ton of it. This year with his cash out, I came across an espresso stand that was for sale. The same one I go to every single day and know the employees and completely love. So we bought it. It has been awesome and stressful and exciting and scary, but I have loved every second.

When I bought it, it was called The Green Submarine. I really didn't like the name and I REALLY didn't like the color. So I negotiated for us to paint before I even took it over. I didn't want to open up my first day and have it that awful color.

Here is the "almost" finished product!


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I have been so crazy busy that I haven't had a chance to update posts. So I'll try to get a few done now.

Thanksgiving was totally fun. We had it at our house. Gramma, Paul, Kate, Kevin, and Tom and Lyn. Everyone did their own cooking and then brought it over to share. I only had to make stuffing and do some snacks... so it was totally low stress.

Ty's Grandma makes the best rolls but since we don't live close to her, Ty's mom recreates the recipe every year. Lo was lucky enough to get to learn how to make them this year!

I don't own table cloths... surprise surprise. Luckily Ty's dad had this roll of butcher paper in his truck. Actually worked out for the best. Less mess and we all got to color while we ate!

This is a perfect turkey if I've ever seen one!!