One step forward, Two steps back.

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So I wanted to move Lo to a toddler bed. Mostly because I finally ordered her new bedding and I was super pumped to get it on a bed... not a crib.

Anyone that knows me, knows that Lo and I are no strangers to sleep issues. Lorelai did not sleep through the night until she was almost a year old. But not just waking up here and there... she was up every 2-3 hours or less every single night for 1/2 hour to 1 hour feedings. It doesn't sound bad until you live through it. I almost went crazy.

But after a year hit, she was a champion sleeper. We brush teeth, read books and then I rock her for a second and put her in bed and she takes it from there. She very rarely ever wakes up and has even been sleeping 12 or more hours every night.

Why would I mess with this?? I guess I just thought she was over her sleep issues and she loved her big girl bed and she LOVED her mermaid bedding.

So last night we set it all up and made a big deal about a big girl bed...

She was pumped... you can't tell, but she was.

The fear was starting to form... you can see it in her eyes.

Quick shout out to Nancy, because she built this book rack... BUILT IT! And painted it (I tried to upload the rotated picture a few times and it wouldn't go... so whatev, you get the idea).

This is sign on her door I got off ebay. I wish it was closer, because the mermaid looks like the middle aged version of the mermaid on her bedding... maybe the lady that sales these should keep her day job. But it works!

Anyway... she screamed for about an hour and a half. I finally got her to sleep and laid on my bed to listen and make sure she didn't get up and start playing when "THUMP!" and then crying. She had fallen off the bed. I go in and lay her down, she didn't even really wake up.... This happened 6 times. One time, she was clear cross the room and I couldn't find her until I stepped on her. This was at 2 am and I was exhausted. So I threw the mattress in her crib and put her down.

Of course she slept fine the rest of the night... {insert really long story about her waking with another ear infection here... I'll save that for another day}.

Tonight she completely freaked out again, screamed for a while, but she's actually asleep now... on top of the bed. So knock on wood... however I am not too proud to put that mattress right back in that crib and not letting her out until she's 10. Don't think I won't do it if it means I get sleep at night.

Why won't my baby cuddle with me???

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Ty is in Texas tonight and all I wanted was to keep Lo in bed with me and cuddle and fall asleep. Started off well enough... she was totally pumped to sleep in mommys bed. She ran over to the bed and when I lifted her up she laid down and snuggled in. Then she started tossing and turning, so I asked if she wanted to watch a show. Of course she wanted to watch yo gabba gabba. Bad idea, 2 seconds later she is singing and dancing and jumping on the bed. For about 10 minutes I laid her back down and told her to settle down, then I threatened her. I told her if she doesn't lay down she'll have to sleep in her bed. Thinking that would get her to lay down immediately, I was surprised when her response was "ya! mommy- Lorelai bed!" and she ran into her room.

Boo... oh well, Tullys in bed with me now. Other than dog breath and the occasional fart, she's a pretty good cuddle bug.

My next kid better be a cuddler or I'm sending him/her back! ;)

Old Blogs

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These are posts from my old blog... there are many of them, but I just wanted to keep them somewhere... so here they are:

2004-06-27 06:31:26
So- I guess I should dive in head first with this thing. I can't promise this will always be interesting- but I promise that occasionally you'll be entertained. Today Ty and I went to a picnic that some people from Weight Watchers online threw. I hadn't met any of them, but I talk to them on a daily basis online. It was a blast. Ty and I are pretty sheltered here in Bremerton. We don't get out that much and we don't meet new people ever. I think we forgot how to socialize, but it was just like riding a bicycle... easy as pie.


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5 things on my To Do List (daily? weekly? what?)

1. catch up on my tivo
2. exercise
3. never ending cleaning (especially with Lo's staph... new towels and washclothes everyday, sheets every other day, bleach scrub bath tub)
4. get my pictures organized on my computer
5. feed the herd of pets

5 jobs I have had:
1. Boston Market
2. Manager at Inkleys
3. Photographer for The Spectrum
4. Front desk clerk/waitress/asst catering and event coordinator at Holiday Inn
5. currently Certified Radiology Coder, yes... I can officially put RCC after my name

5 places I've lived:
1. Cali
2. St. George, Utah
3. Colorado
4. Washington
5. don't be deceived... I've never actually lived in the same house longer than 3 years my entire life.

5 Favorite Snacks:
1. I'm not a big snacker, not even a big eater. Really just live off of a 24 oz white mocha in the am and dinner. Not healthy and clearly not helping me lose weight.

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. pay off my house and remodel!
2. create security for my family and my chosen family here in b-town
3. invest
4. financially back an animal shelter
5. party like a rock star!

5 things you may not know about me (there isn't much, I'm an open book):
1. I have VERY strong opinions about everything, but I don't force them on anyone because I think everyone deserves the same right that I have.
2. I don't like drama... I will swallow my pride 8,000 times before I pick a fight with anyone (even if I am right).
3. I wish I could have been a professional dancer.
4. I wish more than anything I could find my niche. I got my cards read not too long ago and she said I need to just enjoy where I am right now in my life and I am trying... I am. But I wish I just had something professionally I could get excited about. My marriage is awesome, my kid is amazing, my house rocks, my friends are the best, my family loves me... it's the one thing that missing.
5. I love to sleep... I would stay in bed all day long sleeping if I could. Maybe that's because my kid didn't sleep longer than hour long stretches until she was 9 months old so I can't get over how amazing an entire night sleep is.

Everyone I know on blogger has done this... so it ends with me. sorry.