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We had an awesome Christmas. I hated not being with my family and not being able to share in our traditions, but my Christmas was the best it could have been. Kicked off with Kim and Nancy having an awesome "Bad Sweater" Christmas dinner. They are SO good to all the kids in our little circle. They got all the kids toys, Lo got a tea set that she loves! She has tea parties with Ty and I every day.

You can't tell how trully awful my sweater was in this pic, but it had a Golden Retriever on it. It was hideous.

After that was our "White Trash" Christmas party. It was such an amazingly good time. We have this party every year with a different theme and this was by far the best and the one people most got into. We served pigs in a blanket, mac and cheese with bacon, tater tots, graham crackers and frosting, twinkies and all the cheap beer you could drink!

My hair was the most awesome part... I took tips from my mom from back in the 80's. It rocked!

After that we had Christmas Eve with Tom, Kate and Kevin. It was small, but awesome. I decided to do a big dinner Christmas Eve so I could spend all day playing with Lo and vegging. It's tradition to open pajamas and have daddy read T'was the Night Before Christmas.

Christmas morning was awesome. Lo loved getting all the toys. But it was hard to get her to focus on anything except her big teddy bear. Then once she saw the kitchen it was over. But she managed to open everything and had so much fun playing with all her toys.

She got a guitar from Nana. Since Dad's favorite game right now is Guitar Hero- Lo loves to rock along with him. It's the cutest thing ever. I keep the guitar hidden until Dad plays his so it remains a special toy.

My friend Jessica just got back from Hawaii so she brought Lo a grass skirt and coconut bra. She LOVES to put the skirt on and dance all over the house. The sunglasses came with the guitar, but somehow she knows if she has her skirt on, she needs her sunglasses... she brings them to me every time she wears her skirt.


arla said...

What a freaking cute Christmas. So much fun it looks like! I'm totally lovin the 80's hair! Sweet. Lo is a lil' dolly, that's all I can say. All the funnest toys. Glad you had a great Christmas, even though you didn't get to be with your fam.

Cazier Craziness said...

I love to see that adorable little face of hers. And that hair. Oh my goodness. I have no words about your hair!

JamesHesch said...

hahaha oh Lorelai. she is so cute! that is so funny! she has her little guitar like ty haha thats way funny. is that her little oven kitchen set? oh i bet she has a blast with that. misty, I am digging that hair - wow - a side I have never seen of you hahaha love you!!