Some of my favs... not all 76... had to stop myself somewhere.

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My little girl is turning 2!!
These are what we call "I Love You Fingers". We have taught her sign language since a young age and I am so happy to capture her second language talents.
No joke, this is how she would leave the house daily if I let her. The santa hat is worn every day in my house... adding the seahawk "12th man" beanie is a second fav... but both together??? WOW!

Lorelai loves wishing flowers, so when we found this feild of them, she was in pure heaven.

I love those lips... just want to kiss them.

She tries so hard to blow on them but she can't ever get enough wind in the same direction, so she just shakes them. But I love watching her try.
Throughout this shoot, she tried her darndest to something to "ruin" all the pictures. Holding her shirt up, making funny faces, turning her head and tucking her hand in her dress. Little does she know, these are the pics I love the most.


Shanna Bundy said...

She is so beautiful, she is really starting to get that grown up look about her. I checked on our scentsy order today and it was shipped yesterday. It showed that is is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

shutterfly kisses said...

OH my heck. Those are SUCH great pictures. Stinkin cute. She is such a gorgeous little girl. Proud mama, I'm sure! Happy bday to Lo.

Cazier Craziness said...

I wish I could be there next week for her big day. One day! These pictures are amazing. She looks so adorable in every single one and I have seen the others. :) Love You Guys!!

JamesHesch said...

They are all my favorite, she is the cutest little girl. I don't think there is a picture I don't like. She couldn't look bad in a picture. She is so cute.