Halloweens past.

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Here are some pics from Lo's first 2 Halloweens. I can not wait to post pics from this years. Everything is better with kids!

My little fishy. Her first Halloween. Sarah and I did a little photo shoot. It was so fun.

Baby in a bucket! I still have this bucket and Lo can't even begin it sit down in it without getting stuck.

I really have no good pics from last years Halloween of her entire costume. This was her first trick or treat and we had had a LONG day of Halloween activities before trick or treating so she was one UNhappy camper. She went to one house before throwing a fit and coming back home. We are hoping for a better time this year!


The Malkin Family said...

She is so cute!!!

Erin and Nathan said...

She is growing so fast. She is going to make a cute little ladybug this year. Fun costumes.

Cazier Craziness said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures. Wow I am behind on comments here. She looks miserable in that last pic. Poor thing.

m e g said...

Hi Misty - it's Megan, your mom's cousin :) I stopped by to check your blog out - VERY CUTE! I loved this post with all your little photo shoots of Lo from Halloweens past! SO CUTE! She did make an adorable ladybug this year also!