Red light, green light woes

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I taught Lo what red, yellow and green lights mean. She picked it up pretty quick except now, when we are in the car, all I hear is "Mommy! Red light! STOP!" or "Green light Mommy! GOOOOOO!"

This is added to her already worried little mind that tells me to "be careful!" and "too fast Mommy!" Talk about a back seat driver... SHEESH!


Cazier Craziness said...

Hahaha.... funny! Weird that she is telling you to go slower. You are the slowest driver I know. :)

Grogan Clan said...

I have the same woes...and Sammie used to freak out if she thought I wan't stopping at a red...pure I would do that...woes, pure woes. lol..hang in there (:

Grogan Clan said...

Yes turning 30 is wierd and when I first said I am 30. I stood there going how did this happen?!?? haha oh well...I am determined to be thin and fabulous in my 30's and make them better then my 20's. And so far there are! Did you see Twilight my dear?? Did you see my Twilight post??