Dance Recital

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Lorelai has been in dance since the summer and finally we got to see all her hard work at her very first recital.  Of course, they just mostly stood there and smiled and forgot their steps... but so incredibly cute anyway.  I mean, Lorelai was obviously the best dancer up there, but I might be slightly biased.  

Here is the proud Daddy with his 2 girls

Mae got all dressed up for the occasion.

Seriously enough to melt your heart into a big ol' puddle...

I chose this pic because my little girl is so well endowed in the rear.  I love her little bubble butt.

I even remembered flowers for the little dancer.

She did a great job, I cant wait to see how her dancing progresses and what area she decides to go in.


Megan Walker said...

OH MY GOSH! THESE PICS ARE TOO ADORABLE!!! Mae all dressed up for her sister's big recital, and Lo in her dance outfit on stage!!! I agree - that girl has the cutest little bod ever! LOL! She just looks precious :)