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Lo's newest favorite word is no. It's so funny to listen to her answer every question with a no. "Lorelai- do you want milk?" "NO!" So I put it away and she screams for milk. Happens with everything.

Her words are the best, they make me laugh every time I hear her say something. It's just so crazy that this life that was a baby blob is now starting to speak. I love it when she says "Nook" for milk, signing it too of course. "Ju" for juice. "Mooooooo" for cow. "Neigh" for horse, emu, sheep and every other farm animal. And then there's my favorite, which is when she picks up my cell phone and says "He-woe". Ugghhhhh- I love it!!

I'm hosting a small kiddie Halloween party- can't wait to see all these little people in their costumes.


Cazier Craziness said...

I know!! I will be waiting to see lots of pictures of all the cute costumes.

Her little voice is so dang cute. I love it when she just jabbers away. She knows what she is saying. I love it when she directs her jabber as a question. Then looks at you for the answer. So funny!!

JamesHesch said...

hahah that is so funny. lorelai is so cute! i cant wait to see her again she will be talking all over the place. I like when little kids are start talkin haha its so funny. that is too funny!

arla said...

My brother calls them little humans and can't beleive it when they start to speak. I wish they would talk little human talk always. It's much nicer than big human talk.