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We went to my sister in laws house for Thanksgiving. Her house is not babyproofed to any degree. So it was 4 hours of chasing her around hoping she doesn't break anything. So it was completely exhausting. I know you look at that cute little face and wonder how she could possibly cause trouble... it's part of her mystique.

I didn't bring any different foods for Lo and I was a little worried how she would do because she tends to not like meat, potato or bread... which is pretty much thanksgiving. But she tried everything... loved the cranberries. The one thing I thought she would for sure eat was the sweet potatoes I made... but she about yakked when she put them in her mouth. Hence picture below:
We played some Rock Band on Kevin's PS3. It rocked. The drums are totally hard to figure out, but with Lorelai's help... haha. j/k She was ZERO help. Kevin, Tom and I totally sucked at drums, but Ty and Kate were actually pretty good and could get through a whole song without getting boo'd off stage. I didn't make it 20 seconds withouth getting boo'd off stage.

On Friday, I went Black Friday shopping with friends and Ty took Lo out to his parentes rental house in Port Townsend to help them look at houses. At one of the houses, the neighbors had 11, 8 week old puppies. I wish I could have been there to see it because Ty tells me she LOVED them! And they loved her. Ty said one was licked her, one was dangling from her sleeve (which was torn when she got home), and one was knocking her over. Hahaha... dang. Wish I could have been there.

Today we got out all our Christmas decorations, put our tree up and got all the lights up outside. The bottom 4 feet of the tree have no decorations on it because Lo can't keep her hands off it. We might have solved it tho because we told her it was hot and now she doesn't want to go near it. We'll see. Oh, and tonight we were watching tv and I see something in her mouth. She had taken a bite of glass ornament. I think I got it all out... I hope I got it all out. I remember reading about it in Parents magazine last year, but I don't remember what they said to do. I better read up on that again.

I can't believe it's Christmas time again... feels like not that long ago. I was thinking of the stage Lo was at last year and getting out the Santa pictures. Man, time flies when you have kids. Last year she only had 4 teeth (this year 387 at last count. hehe). last year she had no hair (this year her hair is past her shoulders if you pull it straight). Last year she wasn't even crawling yet (this year, walking, running, jumping... and a lot of falling). She changes so fast... can't stand it.

Anyway- there's an update of our weekend! How was yours?


Cazier Craziness said...

So cute!! I love this last picture of her. She's a doll!! I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving. And a good black Friday!!

Shanna Bundy said...

She is so cute!! It really is amazing how kids can hide their little devious minds underneath those cute little faces.

arla said...

Great times. She is getting so big! So much happens in a year, huh
? Hope you enjoyed your feast, and got lots of good deals shoppin'!