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Halloween started off so fun. Our friends had a little party and Lo ate some candy, had some macaroni and cheese and hot dogs and played with her friends.

After that party, we came home. It was madness at the house already. From 6:00 on we basically had to stand right by the front door passing out candy. So I throw Lo's costume on and send her with Daddy, Aunt Toadie and Kevin for a little trick or treating.

They went to our neighbors house and she marched right up there and got her candy, only a few seconds after returning to the sidewalk... this is what happened...

She threw a FIT! She never had really had candy, so the sugar was probably a huge shock to her system. She kept begging for more candy with her glassy eyes. When we didn't give it to her she would instantly throw herself down and kick and scream.

I could not believe my little baby was acting like that. So no more trick or treating happened.

So we went to Sophia's house and they ran around and played until Lorelai saw that they were giving out Halloween candy. She reached for the bucket and I said no and she hit me and threw herself to the floor all over again. Which is completely humilating because Sophia is such a mild tempered kid and is pretty much happy all the time. I don't think she's ever thrown a fit like that.

So I decided to cash in what little chips I had left and take her home.

So it was bath time and her little naked baby booty took a bath and went to bed.

Next year will hopefully be a lot better, but knowing Lorelai... the rest of my life will be pretty drama filled.


Cazier Craziness said...

Hahahahaha... So funny. I love the naked booty. Just want to squeeze those cheeks. Poor Lo!! Mommy is a big fat Meany :(

JamesHesch said...

lorelai? throw a fit? weird! she is not like that. but she just loved the candy didn't she? haha oh geez.. that is too funny!!

arla said...

I should try that no candy thing. I'm such a bad mom, cuz since I'm addicted my kids are too. More to gum than candy though. Anyway. Sorry about the traumatic experience. Makes me completely excited for next year with Brynlee. My boys were nothing compared to her already. Such cute pics. She's a dolly.