Lorelai's Second Birthday!

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So my daughter is officially 2 now, I can't believe it. In some ways I can't even remember what life was like without her and it feels like she's always been here with us. But in other ways, 2 years went by so incredibly fast. There are no words to describe the way I feel about this little girl. She is amazing to me, she has so much wonder and fascination for life. Anyway- these are some pics from her b-day party this last Saturday.

Well, finally it was the big day. All the hard work paid off!

All the Yo Gabba Gabba characters... now officially up for sale.

It looked AMAZING!

Treat Bags!
Chris from August Wynn did all the food, I ordered a white strawberry shortcake cake from him and Nancy is talented enough to pull this off! If you don't know Yo Gabba Gabba none of this will make sense to you... it's all in the theme!
On the menu was pulled pork, meat and cheese tray, potato salad, green bean salad, mozarella balls, shrimp and grilled and fresh veggies and of course, Laura made her fabulous pasta salad. Not too much was kid friendly, but they were so hopped up on sugar, I think it was ok to be selfish with the food.

Nancy whipped out a life size Brobee in an ADHD fit and Lo LOVES it... but she does keep asking why Brobee is sad. He is sad in the show a lot, but also has a smiley face. However, there is no way to change that on the lifesize one... so that's been fun to try and explain why no matter how many times she kisses and hugs Brobee, he won't get happy!

Her outfit was ridiculously cute. She looked adorable in it!!

She had such a good time opening presents and she is the most gracious little girl ever. Telling everyone thank you without even being asked and every time a present would open she would gasp and say "Look at that!"

Here comes the cake!! Of course, she had to put on her new princess dress.

She blew her candle out with gusto! She knew exactly what to do!

Yum! Cake and ice cream!

It was a fabulous party, thank you so much to all who helped me put it together. Couldn't have done it without everyones help. Lorelai had such a great day and we were lucky enough to have Nana and Papa here to celebrate with us!!

I have a few more pics and some from tonight, which is her actual birthday. We went to Chuck E Cheese, so I hope to get those up sometime soon.


John said...

We had an absolute blast. Thanks for including us in all the fun. Can't wait to see what you have cooking for next year. :)

James Hesch said...

Oh she is so cute! I can't believe she is 2 already. I want to see her so bad! I bet she is talking and everything. When are you guys coming down again? I hope all is well. Love you guys!

Cazier Craziness said...

Oh my heck Mist. You did a great job. Everything looks so cute. The last two years have flown by. She is such an amazing little girl thanks to her Mommy and Daddy!! Thanks for all the pictures. Brought tears to my eyes.

Grogan Clan said...

All I have to say is you are an amazing mom!!! You rock...and it shows you need another kid. lol Miss you..by the way..we have a blog now..check it out....

Gina said...

seriously ... awesome party. i wish i could have been there for that spectacular cake. OH and lo too =)

shutterfly kisses said...

Oh My. Seriously, perfect. Yo Gabba Gabba perfect. What an awesome party! Beautiful lil' girl!

Gabba said...

WOW! My jaw dropped to see your amazing Yo Gabba Gabba themed party!

May we use your story and a few of your pictures on our YGG fansite, gabbafriends.com? I know lots of mommies would find your ideas incredibly inspiring!

Please email me at laurie (at) gabbafriends (dot) com.

Thank you!