Nana and Papas trip

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Lorelai was so tickled her Nana and Papa were here to see her. She calls Ty's parents Garma and Garpa, so calling my mom and dad Nana and Papa was a little hard to grasp. She switched between the 2 sets of names... at one point she called my dad Garpapa. Nice mix. We spent the first few days planning for Lo's birthday, this is a pic walking into Walmart right before Lo dropped her feet and made them carry her in by her arms.
After the party was over (will be in a separate post), we finally got to do some fun stuff. We went to the Science Center. This pic is right before Lo fell completely off the caterpillar. The Butterfly Exhibit was the most amazing it has ever been. There were so many of them fluttering all about. The most popular person in the butterfly world was dad. One landed on his head and then this one hung out on his shoulder the entire time we were in the exhibit and then the butterfly whisperer had to take it off him before we could leave.
Lo was so into exploring the butterflies.
This is Lo Lo and Garpa in the helicopter. They look like they are getting ready to fly away!
On the ferry daddy let Lo stick her head out the sunroof. It was so cold, I'm surprised she didn't turn into a popcycle.

We didn't take too many pics now that I go back through my camera. I'll have to snap some tomorrow before we reluctantly say goodbye. I really, really am not looking forward to taking them to the airport tomorrow... seems like they just got here. I was hoping to talk my dad into staying a little longer while they were here and had a sweet 2 year old begging them to stay... but my sister broke her pelvis and my sis in law has a broken foot. So unless I can come up with an injury worse than both put together... I will be parentless tomorrow. I can't even talk about it yet.


Cazier Craziness said...

I am so glad Lo got to spend some one on one time with Nana and Papa! I can't wait till you guys come down. I can't wait to see party pictures. Hurry and post!

James Hesch said...

That's so funny! I hope you guys had fun! that is awesome that they came up and spent time with you guys! I bet it was a lot of fun! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Maybe I will be next to come visit you Misty, I miss you and Lo! Anyways, I better call Lo and tell her happy birthday! Anyways. Love you Mist!

shutterfly kisses said...

Dang that Amy for being so clumsy. He he. Glad you got to see your ma n pa.