Doctor Appointment

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I always go into these appointments with guns blazing... thinking "He WILL do something about this and he will make this better!"  By the time I leave, I'm purring like a kitten with no resolve.  He has a way of wording things to soothe me and make me believe that his method is better than mine.  Grrr... happens every time.

I have a mass above my belly button that he thinks is probably a hernia.  It's starting to hurt and get bigger, I was convinced that I need an ultrasound and I want to know exactly what it is and what the solution will be... either while pregnant or after the baby is born.  He assured me that whatever it is, there is no way to fix it while pregnant so just wait until the 20 week detailed fetal ultrasound.  Ok... I guess it makes sense.  Whatever.  And the constipation I was convinced meant my bowel was protruding through my hernia? Just normal pregnancy.  Milk of Magnesia and Citrocil.  Should get better.  I hate him.

My esophagitis and reflux and heart burn were things he actually wants to investigate further.  I got a referral to a GI doc to see what, if anything, can be done.  He thinks there will be nothing until I give birth.  On top of the Zantac and Protonix I am already on, he advised me to start taking a dose of Malox after every meal.  Which works well, but is so repulsive in flavor that I have a hard time getting it down.  The GI appointment will be on the 27th, so we will see.

The itching is something else I went in thinking there will be an answer before I leave, and I left with nothing.  He said there are a handful of pregnancy induced itching disorders... hard to figure out which is which and there is no cure besides not being pregnant anymore.  My blood work came back just fine, so it's not my bilirubin or liver.  Morgan suggested sweating it out... I still am going to try that and see.  The doc advised if it gets worse or I start seeing hives then he will send me to a dermatologist.  

So that's that... I feel like a walking medication bottle.  I am using one of those MTWTFSS pill holders so I can keep myself straight.  In the morning I have the Zofran for nausea, Protonix and Zantac for reflux, Citrocil and then Malox after breakfast.  Malox after lunch and dinner and then there's the Zantac at night along with my prenatals.  I had been taking Benedryl for the itching but he advised that I should only use that when it gets bad and not everyday.  Which is too bad... it was helping me sleep.  And on top of all that, we propped the top of my bed up on 2x4's to help prevent the reflux at night.  OH BOY!  

But the BEST news of all was that the baby is doing great.  The heart beat was very easily found and still going strong.  No matter what I go through, the second I hear that fast paced heart beat... ahhh... nothing better.  Can't wait to meet this little one and start getting back at him/her for everything they've caused.  :)  


Grogan Clan said...

So you know in the movie Hitch where he has an allegeric reaction to the fish and he looks all puffy and nasty in the store?? I pictured that as I read your post. hahaha I know you must not look like that but wow man oh poor thing! I hopw it gets better love!

Cazier Craziness said...

So glad a lot of this is behind you.