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So they say that someday I will laugh and someday it will just be a story, so I better document it.  Everyone knows I've been super sick with this pregnancy, well probably the last week and a half  or 2 weeks I have been less nauseas but throwing up more.  Tuesday night I decided to make chili dogs for all my AI crowd and shortly after got some serious heartburn that turned into difficulty swallowing and pain in my chest.  I thought it was seriously bad heartburn so just went to bed.  All night long I was throwing up and couldn't even swallow my own spit.  The next day I decided a doctor visit was in order.  I couldn't get into my doctor, so I had to sit at prompt care for 4 hours before they sent me to the ER.  The ER doctor diagnosed me with esophagitis.  A severe burn and inflammation to the esophagus because of all the reflux and throwing up.  They changed my antinausea meds and gave me another heartburn medication.  

I was also experiencing itching all over, the doc didn't know how to fit that into the diagnosis so I just decided to push that with my regular doctor.  I had blood tests done for that, still waiting to see why I am scratching my whole body raw.

So basically, it's going to take a month for my esophagus to heal and still I can not swallow much of anything.  Basically living off of yogurt and popcycles.  I was so desperate for real food today I started sucking on pizza crust, and I have heartburn now.  Just can't win!  This little baby is giving me so many problems, better be an easy baby!  :)

I also have what they think is an umbilical hernia.  If anyone saw me pregnant with Lo, you would know I grew straight OUT.  So when my stomach muscles came back together, they left a hole and now there's a hernia.  They think it will be ok until after I give birth, but I am waiting to have an ultrasound done for that.

I'm trying to keep my spirits up, I got to hear the babies heart beat the other day in the ER and it was so magical.  I know that I am not me right now, my body is merely a host for this little miracle.  I may have to suffer a bit, but I'm just so happy that the reason I am suffering is because of the baby.   And honestly, I would almost rather be going through this than the nonstop nausea.  At least I can put on a happy face and play with Lo and even do some cleaning.  Until I swallow or try to eat, I am doing great!

So that's that.  I have lots of pics and posts to catch up on, but I better file my quarterly taxes and catch up on business paperwork before I do that.  Maybe next week!  ;)


Rob and Morgan said...

Dang, I hope things start looking up for you soon! I had that itchy all over with Rylee. The doctors acted like I was dumb and making it up. Anyway, I talked to my mom's friend who has delivered babies for 20+ years and she knew what it was. I don't remember what it's called, but it has to do with your liver backing up. Drink lots of water and sweat that will get all the yucky stuff out and it will go away!

Rob and Morgan said...

I mean get sweaty... not drink sweat. Pee and sweat it out.

Grogan Clan said...

poor you! I hate being pregnant...the baby is a great part but I always wondered if there was another way...haha..I mean besdies teh obvious! I told DAve if we had another h e had to carry it! I hoep this passes soon adn you start to feel better! (:

Cazier Craziness said...

Seriously I have read all of these, but no comments. So sorry! I am so behind on blog comments. I hope the hernia thing just disappears.