Nana, Papa and Aunt Amy's Visit

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There is just nothing like having your mom there when you have a baby and the time right after, at least having my mom there... probably not just any mom. :) 

She loves me and she loves my kids in a way no one else does and no one else will.  She knows me so well and she she knows how I do things.  I am so lucky that she has agreed both times to come take care of me and my house until I was able to get back on my feet.

My dad and Amy came up after a couple weeks to meet Miss Mae.  I can't recall what we did while they were here, so I'm sure it was not much... but I do remember feeling so happy that they were here to meet my new little one.

Ok, no one believed me or my mom that Mae was smiling at just a few weeks old... but here ya go.  You tell me she isn't looking at her Nana and smiling?  I like Lorelai's smile in this too. hehe

Here's my beautiful sister!  Amy was a complete life saver with Lorelai.  There were more than a few times I got tears in my eyes because she was so sweet and so patient with Lorelai when Lorelai wasn't exactly exhibiting the type of behavior that would make you want to be sweet and patient with her.  She is such a great mom and nothing phases her, I envy that so much.

Wow!  Those are some fantasticly young and beautiful and handsome grandparents!

And here's our Mae when she had her old man head.  She was such a serious newborn, I'm glad she's lightening up a lot.  Lorelai is serious enough for the both of them.  She sure was a beautiful newborn though!