Halloween 2009

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A few short weeks after Mabel was born, it was Halloween!  Lorelai had picked out her costume 2 months before and since I wouldn't let her wear it until Halloween and she stared at it daily, she was super excited when it was FINALLY time to put it on.

I knew there was no costume small enough for Mae, so I opted for a swaddle blanket and hat (that was still too big) to turn her into a watermelon.  But seriously, how cute are they??

Our visit to Grammas house.  Considering the year Gramma has had, we are so very lucky to have another Halloween with her.  And many more to come!

I love this pic.  First of all, Uncle Paul hesitates holding newborns and I have tortured him with both, you can kind of tell :) But look at Lorelai... staring so intently.  What a fantastic moment captured.  I love it.  

Lorelai with her monkey of a cousin, Addison.  She adores little Addi.

This is Lorelai's bestie, Sophia.  They have been friends since before they were walking, and have seen each other every Halloween too.  

And finally...TADA! We were lucky enough to have our Nana this Halloween.  She was here for Mabel's birth and Yay! We got her for Halloween.  Definitely not something that happens every year, so we are so fortunate to have this memory!