Why won't my baby cuddle with me???

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Ty is in Texas tonight and all I wanted was to keep Lo in bed with me and cuddle and fall asleep. Started off well enough... she was totally pumped to sleep in mommys bed. She ran over to the bed and when I lifted her up she laid down and snuggled in. Then she started tossing and turning, so I asked if she wanted to watch a show. Of course she wanted to watch yo gabba gabba. Bad idea, 2 seconds later she is singing and dancing and jumping on the bed. For about 10 minutes I laid her back down and told her to settle down, then I threatened her. I told her if she doesn't lay down she'll have to sleep in her bed. Thinking that would get her to lay down immediately, I was surprised when her response was "ya! mommy- Lorelai bed!" and she ran into her room.

Boo... oh well, Tullys in bed with me now. Other than dog breath and the occasional fart, she's a pretty good cuddle bug.

My next kid better be a cuddler or I'm sending him/her back! ;)


Cazier Craziness said...

That is so cute. My kids have always run to bed also. Except Grant. He will cuddle with me anytime it's his idea. :) She is adorable. Are you going to start putting pictures up on Picassa? That would be a good idea. :)

JamesHesch said...

hahah thats so funny! Oh Lo is hilarious! I know what its like sleeping with tully, she takes up some room though haha. thats so funny though. oh your next kid huh? cool! your trying to have another kidlet? thats awesome!