One step forward, Two steps back.

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So I wanted to move Lo to a toddler bed. Mostly because I finally ordered her new bedding and I was super pumped to get it on a bed... not a crib.

Anyone that knows me, knows that Lo and I are no strangers to sleep issues. Lorelai did not sleep through the night until she was almost a year old. But not just waking up here and there... she was up every 2-3 hours or less every single night for 1/2 hour to 1 hour feedings. It doesn't sound bad until you live through it. I almost went crazy.

But after a year hit, she was a champion sleeper. We brush teeth, read books and then I rock her for a second and put her in bed and she takes it from there. She very rarely ever wakes up and has even been sleeping 12 or more hours every night.

Why would I mess with this?? I guess I just thought she was over her sleep issues and she loved her big girl bed and she LOVED her mermaid bedding.

So last night we set it all up and made a big deal about a big girl bed...

She was pumped... you can't tell, but she was.

The fear was starting to form... you can see it in her eyes.

Quick shout out to Nancy, because she built this book rack... BUILT IT! And painted it (I tried to upload the rotated picture a few times and it wouldn't go... so whatev, you get the idea).

This is sign on her door I got off ebay. I wish it was closer, because the mermaid looks like the middle aged version of the mermaid on her bedding... maybe the lady that sales these should keep her day job. But it works!

Anyway... she screamed for about an hour and a half. I finally got her to sleep and laid on my bed to listen and make sure she didn't get up and start playing when "THUMP!" and then crying. She had fallen off the bed. I go in and lay her down, she didn't even really wake up.... This happened 6 times. One time, she was clear cross the room and I couldn't find her until I stepped on her. This was at 2 am and I was exhausted. So I threw the mattress in her crib and put her down.

Of course she slept fine the rest of the night... {insert really long story about her waking with another ear infection here... I'll save that for another day}.

Tonight she completely freaked out again, screamed for a while, but she's actually asleep now... on top of the bed. So knock on wood... however I am not too proud to put that mattress right back in that crib and not letting her out until she's 10. Don't think I won't do it if it means I get sleep at night.


Cazier Craziness said...

oh poor Lo! I thought the bed would be against a wall. Probably a good idea for a little while. It can go either way with big girl beds. I hope she ends up liking it.

JamesHesch said...

oh shoot! thats a bummer, usually they love sleeping in their big bed. poor lo! but I hope she starts to like her big girl bed and starts sleeping as good as she does in the crib only in the big girl bed. haha you'll keep her in there until she is ten? haha you would haha jk thats funny though. lo is super cute!

Shanna Bundy said...

Ok, that story actually made me laugh out loud. How funny that you finally just gave up, I would do the same. Not many things are worth missing sleep! Good Luck!

erinlyn said...

Oh the joys of crib to bed transistion. Not looking forward to doing it for my last time, though the plus would be that it would in fact be the last time! Good luck with that, and I love the whole mermaid theme, and Nancy ROCKS! SO very cute.