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All of you know by now that Amy broke her pelvis and has been down for a few weeks and prob has a few more weeks to go. I decided to fly out here on the 6th and help take care of her household and kids while she recovers. Here are some pics of what we've been doing this last week...
This was on the airplane. It was definitely the best flight we've had, but still... this kid has a long way to go before I will enjoy flying with her.
Monday we went to the splash pad park. Lo wasn't too sure about it, but as long as the other kids were running around in it, then she was pretty happy to follow suit.
Grant didn't get in the water once, but he did make 2 girlfriends and hung out with them the entire time. What a PIMP.
I think this was Tuesday, Grant put on Lo's princess dress. Lo was really upset, so I put Grants lion on her and she was just as happy as a clam.
What a cute little lion! She was crawling all over the floor "rawr"ing.
Utah give Lo serious bed head. I have never seen anything like the rat nests she wakes up with day after day.
Tuesday we discovered the pool at Nancy's house. It was totally fun, but we didn't have floaties for all the kids. Grant even "drowned" as he says. He went under for a second, but I got to him pretty quick. I went and got some floaties that night.
This was Lo's first time in a pool since last summer at her swimming lessons and I'm sure she doesn't remember that, so she was a little hesitant. Didn't like to stay in for long periods of time.
Mostly she just laid there and sunned herself. Which I totally get, I would have rather been doing that too.
Aliya is a super good swimmer and she keeps the boys and Caydence pretty much entertained.
These are from Thursday. We went back to the pool, prepared this time! Trey likes the water until he gets sleepy. He is so cute floating around in that thing.

Caydence is so cute and is so comfortable in the water. It's so fun to watch all the cousins run around and play.

And here's the gimp herself! She finally got the ok to do very minimal activity to try and start rehabing the pelvis. The doc recommended swimming, so we brought her with us. Even though it was super hard for her to get in and out and up and down, she felt pretty darn good floating around with her hippo.

Lo refused to play in the pool too much, but probably the last hour of the 2nd day in the pool she let me put floaties on and actually let go of her. Of course someone was always right next to her, but she got a kick out of floating around by herself.

So that's what we've done so far... at least the fun stuff. This morning we are going to Josh and Ashley's pool at the hotel. Better get the kids up and at em.


The Malkin Family said...


It seems like you are having a blast! Hope the heat doesn't get to you! Are you still in St.George then? Erin would love to hang out with you. Ask Grandma or Aunt Jenny for her number or I could email it to you. Let me know!!! =o)

Grogan Clan said...

You are such a good sister! Wow!!! How it is taking care of 5 kids all at once? haha. ANyway, looks like you guys are having fun! I still cannot believe she broke her pelvis..only Amy. HAHA (: