Tea Party for Four

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Lorelai got a very sweet dress from Stella for her birthday with a tea pot and tea cups all over it. When we got home from lunch with Stella and Aliya and Landon saw the dress, they were inspired to have a tea party. They prepared all the food and got all the coffee cups out. They took them into the playroom and set it all up. Then they all got into their nice clothes and of course, Lo got into her tea party dress.

Apples, strawberries, carrots (and a seperate plate of ranch so it doesn't touch the fruit) and water for tea.

Lo and Grant swirled their suckers in their tea.

Lo was dipping apples in ranch, this is Aliyas reaction... not too thrilled.

Here is Landon refilling everyones tea. I haven't had this much success getting Lo to drink straight water in a long time!!

And let's have a toast! To new toys, having friends over to play and most of all... to long and healthy lives. Ok... they may not have said that, but they thought it.

You can't ever expect Landon to stay put for too long. Didn't take him much time to be under the table being crazy.

Grant needs to be famous because he loves having pics taken of himself. He kept doing different poses and telling me to take pictures of him. Then he'd make me show him every single pic. He's a nut!


Shanna Bundy said...

You are seriously an awesome sister!! I hope you are rested up now that you are back home.