Zoo Fun

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My mommy friend Shelby and I decided to take our girls to the zoo last week. Lo loves animals but we haven't taken her to the zoo since last year so I was totally pumped!

She loves otters, but there were porcupines in there as well and I had no idea she even knew what it was or looked like until she yelled out "mom! porpupine!"

The Anoa were her fav for this zoo trip. They constantly came up to the window and she loved getting that close to them. Startled her at first, but then she realized she was safe behind the glass.
These girls are like sisters, Sophia really looks up to Lo and Lorelai just likes to pick on Sophia. She does adore Sophia, she just likes being the older one since most her other friends are older.

Lo has had a tumultuous relationship with the carousel. When she was a baby, she loved it. Last year... no way. She cried and I had to hold her the entire time. But this year! Wow! She was a little hesitant at first, then she really got into it and loved it! She actually screamed crying saying "MY TUUUUURRRNNNN" when it was time to get off.
All in all it was one of my favorite days this summer and I'm so glad I had Shelby and Sophia to share it with. Next week we are venturing to the Science Center. Very excited!!


Cazier Craziness said...

It looks like she had a great time!! Is it possible she looks bigger? Stop growing Lo!! Miss you guys!