Toadie's Wedding

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Toadie's wedding was on the 9th of August. As much as I complain about dressing up, it was fun to wear my fake eyelashes and get my hair done. Here is a pic of me and my hubby walking down the aisle.

Lo didn't manage to throw flowers, but she did make it all the way down the aisle, which is further than she made it at Jessica's wedding, so I take it to be a success!! Her and Kadyn were very cute.

The happy couple! It was a very beautiful ceremony with tears shed! I wish I had a picture of the cute dance Kate did after this.

This was after taking hundreds of pics, so Lo was naturally irritated. But I think it's a cute pic anyway.

Here Lo is with her Garpa. These 2 are so dang cute together. She has him so wrapped around her finger and she knows it!!

The after party was my fav part. Our friends reunited Cone and Rachel was here and we had such a great time dancing and laughing. I had a blast!!


Cazier Craziness said...

Her dress is beautiful. Everything looks great!! That dress looks awesome on you!