BD- Spoilers below, so don't read if you haven't finished

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Right after I finished Breaking Dawn this afternoon I jumped online to read reviews and was absolutely floored that so many people hated it. I think it brought the saga to a perfect close. I read review after review about what kind of message is she sending to girls that they don't have to go to college, they can get married and knocked up and everything will work out just fine. WHAT??? Are you kidding me???

Following that train of thought we could also say, what is she trying to tell girls? That they can find a vampire to marry and be bff's with a werewolf?

People have lost track of what FICTION is. It's all about being able to escape from your life and be mentally wrapped up into someone elses. The lessons you learn from fiction are not about the situations they are in, but rather how they deal with situations. Regardless of what happens within the Cullen family, they treat each other with loyalty and respect. There's a good lesson to learn. What about facing your problems and figuring out solutions that not only work for you, but others around you? There's another good lesson.

Any girl that will make it in this life will make it regardless of whether they read Breaking Dawn. Any girl that has enough sense to make it in this life will know that it is fiction and of course it makes more sense to go to college and of course getting married at 18 is harder than 25. And OF COURSE she will know that there are no vampires and no werewolves.

Also I read a lot of readers were mad there wasn't more romance from Edward and Bella. I guess maybe you have to be a mom to really "get" Breaking Dawn. Reading about Bella doing everything she could to make sure her child stayed in her womb, when the Volturi came and she was protecting her and then when she thought it was hopeless, saying goodbye to her. I felt her ache, I imagined having to say goodbye to my child in order to save her life, broke my heart. I get this, I am a mom. This love is just as amazing as the love between her and Edward. Not to mention that the ultimate love, Edward and Bella creating a child. There is no more romance possible than that! So to those readers, sorry... you just don't get it.

Of course life isn't tied into a sweet little bow and not everyone gets everything they want out of life the way Bella got her man, baby and to be a vampire... but can't we just for a few days pretend that we can have everything we want out of life? Pretend that in the end everything will be absolutely perfect? Don't ruin that for us that know what fiction is.


Cazier Craziness said...

I was shocked to read all the reviews. More negative than positive. I really loved the book! I love that the twists in this book were highly unexpected. I love the connections between all of the characters were finally discovered. I love your "review" You said it all perfectly.

Grogan Clan said...

I loved loved loved the book!!! I finished it 5 minutes ago and your blog is the first thing I read and am doing. haha...good blog. Stephanie Meyer has a way of writing so you feel what the characters feel and you feel what you need to feel at the very moment. I was amazed at my heart rate at times. I dont listen to the review is waht matters. SO much romance in that book. She didnt need to go into detail about the love and sex. Whast was great is that she gives you the picture, the platform, and then you develop what the perfect scene and the way it happens in your head and heart. (: Man this sounds cheesy..but I thin kyou understand. (:

erin said...

OH my! Amy said I had to read your blog, and I totally thought she was wanting me to read it to find out that you hated the book! Thank heavens not. I completely agree with all you said, like Amy said, perfect sentiments! I can't believe people didn't like it. I thought it completed the series perfectly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!