THE concert

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So last night was the big night. I had some issues getting someone to go with me, luckily Michelle was free and I am so glad she was. We had to much fun!!

Our summer is totally over and it's been raining for a week, but yesterday it was semi-warm and no rain. I had sprung for the covered seats, but it didn't look like that was going to matter. We left around 4:30, stopped by Kadyn's birthday party and then off we went!

We got there and found a latte stand. The line was SOOOOO long and not hardly moving, but we were willing to wait for a coffee. It started sprinkling, no big deal. It started raining a bit, ok... we can handle it. It started monsoon raining, we freaked. Of course it wasn't enough to make us leave, but we got drenched! After getting the coffee we went straight to our seats. Augustana was opening but I knew CC was next. And yes, our seats were covered, but on the very last row of covered seating, so sideways rain hit us all night.

The second I saw Adam Durst, none of it mattered. I instantly had tears well up in my eyes. 15 years with this band. Every teen and adult moment in my life had been tagged by Counting Crows songs and here I was. It was just amazing. My favorite song is Anna Begins and sure enough, second song into the set list and it's playing. It was unreal to me. What was probably 10-12 songs, felt like it passed in 30 seconds. Before I could even breath they were leaving the stage and I was screaming for the encore. It was truely life changing for me. I loved every second of it. Wish I could do it all over again.

Maroon 5 rocked it too. We didn't stay for the entire show, but most of it. I think Adam Lavine is so incredibly hot. He sang a song to me... ;)

Here are a couple pics and a video of Anna Begins.


The Malkin Family said...

Wow! That awesome! That's how I feel when I go and see Jewel! she's helped me through every major event in my life. hehe It looks like you had so much fun. I hope you don't end up getting sick.

Cazier Craziness said...

You guys look adorable all wet and cold!! Love the lashes!!