um, so... start getting jealous.

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Laura came up with the best idea ever today. We are going to drive to Forks on Saturday and go see the town and all the places that do actually exist there that are in the books. I am so incredibly pumped. The visitors center has a whole tour list you can pick up. Then places all around the town have Twilight food and items. I can't wait... pics to follow.


Shannon said...

I am sooooo jealous!!! How far away is it from you?? And when I move to Idaho...Boise far awayis that form you? If it isnt are going to take me to Forks!!! (:

Joi Montrief said...

No way!!! Take pictures for real and post them k? I can't wait to experience FORKS through your eyes! hehe

Cazier Craziness said...

You know I will mock you forever, but secretly it will be out of jealousy. Take tons of pictures!!! Have fun!!!! Drive safe!!! Call me sometime during your journey!!