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I think this was our funnest Christmas yet! Lo finally semi-understands the concept of Santa Claus. She really got into all of the traditions. Which, I created another one this year. Ty and I were watching Dirty Jobs and his job was a gourd farm that scrapes them and dries them and turns them into these amazing decorations. My new tradition is adding a gourd every year. I love him. Definitely my favorite Christmas decoration.

Lo loved leaving a cookie and milk for Santa and I found this gigantic carrot for the reindeer.

I was tryig to explain that she needs to go to sleep quickly so Santa can come quicker, looks like I was the only one understanding

I take a pic every year of Ty reading Twas The Night Before Christmas to Lo. I love looking at them side by side, 3rd Christmas this year!

Christmas morning! Amy got her a Fancy Nancy dress and shoes that she loves! Her favorite books are Fancy Nancy so it was fun to show her she was wearing the same dress as Nancy!

A personal DVD player was a must this year. Her old one broke so it was time for a new and this one is supposed to be TOUGH!

She was so sweet and cute and amazed. Couldn't believe all the presents were for her.

Her most favorite present was her Brobee doll. She had all of the other Yo Gabba Gabba stuffed animals, but not Brobee. When you asked her what she wanted for Christmas all she would tell you is Brobee. Definitely a dream come true for her. haha


Cazier Craziness said...

I love that she is wearing the dress up outfit we got her. Wow, sorry! I am way behind on comments! I love all the pics!