Mommy Chronicles

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I used to have a whole cabinet full of beautiful smelling soaps and body wash. Spring time scents, winter scents, going out scents, etc. etc.

This morning I found myself showering with a very unnatural strawberry scented glycerin ball with a Christmas snow globe in the middle. I had other choices... there was the harsh staph killing soap we use on Lo when she gets flair ups. There was rollers of equally unnatural smelling body paint soaps. There was baby wash.

Although none of my options were close to my beautiful smelling ones collecting dust in a box somewhere, I chose the glycerin ball because Lo is so excited to get the snow globe out of the middle and I know if I use it than she will get it out quicker.

This is my life... and I couldn't be happier!


*erin said...

I love this post. Being a mom is the greatest. Thank you so very much for your darling Christmas card. What a lil' doll Lo is. Hopefully mine showed up eventually. Hope you have a great new year.

*erin said...

ps, I made my blog private, if you are interested in reading it, would you send me your email so I can invite ya?