Festus the Fetus pics

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Here are the ultrasound pics!  There was a heartbeat at 171 bpm and this little booger was doing a dance.  Shaking its shoulders and then its hips, over and over.  Lo kept saying "he's dancing all over!" Very cute... and quite possibly the reason I've been so sick.  Maybe if he/she held still for a while, I'd feel better.  But I am not in charge right now, so whatever.  I've long since given up hope of control during the next 6 1/2 months.  I have my first doc appointment tomorrow, they'll go over the ultrasound with me, but pretty sure all is well.  The ultrasound techs guess at a due date is October 6-13th.  I figured October 10, so somewhere in there.  I'll get a more "solid" date after tomorrow.


:: Gina :: said...

its a girl!!! =)

Cazier Craziness said...

Yay, October 10th. It's a lucky day!