Lorelai's Farm Birthday

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I gave Lo free reign for he birthday this year, pretty certain I could pull off whatever was in her almost 3 year old brain. I was a little scared when she said she wanted animals at her party. She's not really a doll kinda girl, she prefers to carry around her bunny or sheep and feed them lettuce and grain. I guess I should have figured that she'd pick a farm birthday.

Since I don't know anyone with anything close to a farm, I decided to post an ad on craigslist in the farm section and just see what happened. I had 20 replies in just 3 days from people all over the state that were more than willing to have us over for Lorelai's birthday party. I was so amazed at all the generosity. After weeding through all the emails, I found one that sounded perfect for us. She offered us the ability to pet and feed the sheep, goats and chickens. Also a hay loft that we could have some food and cake in that had a slide going down to the hay and Todd (the owner), even built a hay fort for the kids.

Here is Lo with her BFF Sophia, these girls are so ridiculously cute together. They hold hands and play together and are sweet as sugar. Love it when they get to play together.

Here is the hay slide. The kids loved it! Lo had more fun with the hay than anything. She sat in this big pile and bathed in it. Her bath was filled with little bits of hay that night.

Here's my little country girl! We were worried there would be mud, so she wore her rain boots.

Here is Soloman... still unsure whether he's a goat or sheep... hahaha... either way, he was cute and completely tame and wandered around baa'ing at us and pooping all over while we ate and partied.

We got to feed the chickens, there were tons of them! I think this was probably the crowd favorite activity for the day.

Then we got to collect the eggs... if anyone knows Lo, they know she LOVES eggs. If I let her eat eggs all day, she would. So I think she enjoyed this the most. It was a tricky piece of maneuvering I had to do to get the eggs away from her without causing tears. She really wanted to keep them.

They had big sheep and goats too!

I forgot what her name was, but she had the craziest eyes and scared me just a tad. She also had boundary issues and would push you to move you if she didn't like where you were standing.

Here's the kids with the cows. The smell was something I could live without, but the kids didn't complain at all. They loved watching the cows be... cows!

My dainty little girl with the pinata... nothing was going to happen with her behind the stick!

But then Jeffrey stepped up to the plate and it took a VERY long time, but finally that puppy got whacked open!

Lo and Jeffrey collecting candy.

Cake time... and the only pic of me... which is a good thing.

Make a wish!

She is SUCH her Nana's girl. Completely ignores the cake and devoures the frosting. She had a great day and a great party! Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing in he big day. Compared to the last 2 parties before #3, this was the easiest. I'm thinking nothing but destination parties from now on.