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Our summer has FINALLY arrived... I really hope I am not jinxing myself saying that, but it's been warm and sunny for about a week now.  Ty had oral surgery on Friday, so we took a break from basement renovations and decided to do something FUN!  We decided to go to the beach... it was so nice.  It was pretty cold on the coast, but that made no matter because we had a blast!

We decided to explore a new beach, which was a good choice.  Ocean Shores is usually so packed with people, it's hard to find your own space.  It was kind of a hike to the beach, but it gave us such a view walking up to it, we didn't mind.

It was pretty windy, Lo thought she might be able to fly!

Not a very flattering rear shot, but whatever.  You can see how much space we had to roam.  We were even able to let Tully off leash and she went NUTS!  Ran right into the water, tried to catch up to the surfers way out in the ocean... Lo went crazy too, running as fast as she could every which way.  No boundries or any trouble to get into.  Just lots of space and fun sand to walk around barefoot in.

Wind blown, family portrait.

This is about how she was running around the whole time.  A GIANT smile and leaping and skipping.  It was freezing water, but you would never know.  I'm pretty sure this is her favorite place to be... ever.

She got buryed in sand.  Tully kept trying to dig her out, which was making her SO mad.  We finally convinced Tully to just sit down.
Daddy and Lo having fun...
Letting the waves chase them.
This weekend will bring more basement work, but we also have Lo's bithday party on Saturday!!  Gotta LOVE the summer!!


Esplin 5 said...

Hey Misty! I didn't know you owned an espresso stand, that's way cool. Funny though it made me think of the time you went out with Jon Mccleery and he spilled coffee all down your front. Ouch!!!

screamingdaisy said...

Oh Andrea, I think about that sometimes too. Every time I smell a strawberry latte... it all comes back to me and blisters almost start to re-form. hahaha

Yep, I bought a latte stand last November. I don't actually work there, just own it and manage it. I love the work and I love my stand. It's really more like another child than anything. Doesn't make any money... but when I'm not pregnant, it does get me free coffee. hahaha