First Day Of Preschool!

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I can't believe it's already time for her to start preschool.  She has been ready for something more structured for a long time.  She really has no attachment issues and she loves being around other kids, so really it wasn't a hard choice to make.  I toured a bunch and asked around and Sycamore Tree was the one that kept coming up.  Seems like everyone has heard of it and everything has heard great things.  While they are owned by the Lutheran church next door, they are non-denominational.  They teach of God's love in a non-dogmatic way.  This was a perfect fit for us.  Where as we haven't found our particular church home, we absolutely want her to have some sort of faith base for us to build upon when we do find our perfect place of worship.  I really feel like the head teacher and I clicked and the teachers aide is the mom of someone I know.  

Anyway, all that being said, I decided to enroll her in the summer program as well as the fall program.  I figured the summer program is a little shorter and would be a good introduction.  Also give me some much needed "errand" time.  I am at the bank multiple times a week and even though she is a celebrity over there, sure would be easier to go alone.  

We've been discussing school for a while and preparing her.  Last night she was a little anxious and moody, but we talked about what to do when she has to go pee and talked about sharing.  I think I was more anxious about her behavior.  It's really the first time my parenting would be out there in the world to see.  

Here she is getting ready... yes, she got toothpaste spit all over her shirt.  I got most of it off.  I was proud of myself that I didn't change her outfit completely.  I knew she'd be outside playing and painting so she'd come home dirty anyway.

Gotta have the "off to school" mandatory pics.

Then she just started posing.  I stopped her before she started throwing out "jazz hands".

Here we are at school!  This is the back entrance.  It's really just a small house they converted into a preschool.  There is only one class at a time and the entire house of rooms is all different stations.  A life skills station, textile table, art room, library... then unless there is in climate weather they have an awesome courtyard of fun toys.

We were slightly early, so she got to play outside for a little.

First thing's first, hang up your backpack and then wash your hands!  The sinks are at the perfect height for 3 and 4 year olds and have automatic turn on.  The toilet is also super low to the ground so they can potty on their own.

Anywhere we go, she finds the creatures.  She loves fish!

Then found an art station.  She already had a cubby full of drawings when I picked her up. 

It was right about this time that she told me I could leave.  No hesitation, just "bye mom!"  I watched for a minute and then just left.  Of course I sobbed in the car for a while.  I did some work for the stand, came home and folded some laundry... then I was bored.  Talked to my mom for a long while and I still had 45 minutes.  So yes, like a stalker, I sat in the parking lot and waited.  I'm sure it'll get better and I will have more things to do in my free time.  

When I finally walked down to pick her up, they were outside playing.  She saw me, but didn't pay any attention... just went on playing.  She actually seemed a little nervous and I could tell it was going to be a fight to get her home.  I went in and got her cubby papers and her backpack, talked to the teacher, who said she did great and then I went and found her again.  I was right, it was a fight to get her home.   I finally told her that I wanted to take her on a special lunch date... that did the trick.   We went to Arby's, she insisted on eating in and talked about preschool.  From what I gather, she painted, they read a book about bears, she went potty all by herself and she made lots of friends but forgot to ask their names.  Either way, she loved it and I can't wait to hear all about her preschool adventures!!


Joi Malkin said...

How fun is that? You two are too cute!