Festus the Fetus

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So I'm 8 weeks now, I think.  My first appt is on the 17th I think.  This pregnancy has so far, been so different.  I've been so incredibly sick.  All day, all night.  Sometimes I have breaks and when I do I feel like it's no big deal and I can handle it.  Then the sick comes and I get into a pity party like you wouldn't believe.

Poor Lorelai.  She has been such a trooper.  She tries to take care of me.  Last week I was sitting on the couch being sick and she put her hand on my face and said "honey, what's wrong?"  So  sweet.  

Anyway- I have about 15 loads of laundry to do today and about 7 days of MC2 paperwork to do, so I'm hoping I have a break day today.  


Cazier Craziness said...

That is so sweet! I am sorry you are so sick! You can call me anytime to complain! maybe you are having a boy since it is different than Lorelai!

Grogan Clan said...

Lo is such a sweetie! Try this out..I am a sicky too when it comes to being pregnant...go to the Target pharm. and ask for the sea bands.It is a pressure point wrist band thing that is swesome! Instead of me throwing up 6 times a day I would throw up maybe once a day...and i didnt feel sick all the time..try it they work!! Hope you feel better soon!!

Rob and Morgan said...

I hope you start feeling better soon! I hate that part of pregnancy. Lo is too cute :)