Lorelai's First Trip To The Dentist

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Lo will be 3 in a couple weeks, so I figured it was time for me to start getting her regular visits to the dentist.  She was really nervous, I don't know what she thought it would be like, but because of her extensive history with doctors, I think she just didn't know if this doc would hurt too.

You can see the fear starting to show on her face.  She was not about to have me sit on the other side of the room, I had to move the chair over to hold her hand.

Now you can really see the fear.  She kept trying to get down from the chair and just wasn't sure what they were going to do.  Ty recently found out he has to have 2 wisdom teeth pulled so I think she heard us talk about that and kind of got scared.

Getting her teeth counted, she's got 20 of them!

After she was done, she gave me this look like "that wasn't so bad after all".  The dentist said her teeth have nice gaps so when her permenants come in there will be plently of room and no need for braces.  WOO HOO!

She got her bag of goodies, including floss that she has to she has used everyday since the exam.  She's actually not bad at flossing and the dentist said it was definitely time she knew how to use regular toothpaste and spit, so this morning, we taught her that and she did it perfectly.  I wasn't giving her enough credit.

First trip down, hundreds more to go!


Joi Malkin said...

Brilliant. Lucky for you huh? hehe

Shannon said...

We hate the dentist... I have NO cavities..but my darling hubby has a mouthful of issues, past issues..and now my kids..inherit what was his...arghh...glad it was all ok for Lo!

Esplin 5 said...

What a big girl, and sooo cute with her sunglasses on in the chair. It's the greatest when they have a good check up with NO CAVITIES!!