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Mabel's first Easter was a very good one!  I love that Lorelai is getting to the age where she cares about leaving food for the Easter bunny out and gets excited about what he will leave her.  It's also tons of fun to start introducing her to the real meaning behind holidays and have her begin to understand.   Holidays mean to much more with kids.  They really are a blessing!

I have no idea why I didn't get pics of their full Easter baskets but I did get a pic of Ty giving Mae a peep.  Ugh.  Right after this, she sucked down the ENTIRE ear of the bunny peep and began to choke.  I really thought I was going to have to start administering all sorts of maneuvers. :)  Don't even get me started about her being 5 months with candy in her mouth.

Lorelai, on the other hand, is a seasoned candy eater and could not wait to have a delicious breakfast of candy.  Ty and I have developed one rule about holidays and candy.  She is allowed to go nuts, eat all she possibly can and wants to for one day only.  After that, it is GONE! So by the end of the holiday there are guaranteed melt downs, but there will be no repeats the next day so it's a good rule for us!

Mabel got some super cute sunglasses.  I really wish she would leave them on, because she is made for sunglasses. 

Later that morning, we went to brunch with Ty's parents.  It was such a nice change.  There was no cooking, no cleaning, no mess... definitely a welcome change.  The only bad thing we encountered was no left over ham... next year I will have to make a ham the night before.

Oh this baby just melts my insides to mush... I could just eat her I love her so much.  My Aunt Kathy gave her a beautiful pearl bracelet and her wrist was finally big enough to wear it.  

The handsome hub and the beautiful babe.

I relish in the days that Grandma and Grandpa are Lorelai's best friends.  It's going to be such a sad day when they don't come first anymore.