The Zoo in the Springtime

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Ty's sister got us a year pass to the zoo for Christmas and we were so excited to get out there and start using it so as soon as the weather allowed, which was right before Easter, we were there!  This was Mabel's first zoo trip and she was about as excited as any 5 month old would be. 
She did really love to see the fish tank... that was probably her favorite.

My poor Lorelai... I am going to have a collection of crack pics until we can find pants that are big enough for her booty but small enough for the rest of her skinny body.

She was chasing this peacock.  Ty had 2 peacock's that ran away when he was a boy, so Lorelai thinks every peacock she sees is daddies peacock.

Lorelai was holding Mae's hand as we walked through the zoo and she was telling her all about the things we were seeing.  It was very sweet.

So that was our zoo trip... I know you would expect to see pics of animals, but I have about 12 pictures of every animal in that zoo just due to the fact that we have been so many times so this time I only took kiddo pics.  And let's be honest, they are cuter than the elephants anyway.