Nana's 50th Birthday!

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While in St. George, we planned a surprise 50th birthday party for Mom.  It was by far, the most fun party I've ever been to.  We danced, we sang, we ate... we did the LIMBO!  Here are some of my favorite pics, I don't think they need any explanation.  We love you Nana!  Can't wait to see what the next 50 years bring!

Ok, well this deserves some explanation.  For some reason, we let the birthday girl have a whack at the pinata before the kids and in the first smack, it busted open.  There was an immediate sigh from everyone, including the kids.  Then they realized... there is candy... all over the ground.  CHARGE!  Didn't take long fo them to forget.


wild child said...

BEST PARTY EVER for the BEST WOMAN ON EARTH and given by the BEST KIDS EVER!!!!!!!!! You guys did an awesome job and it was a blast to be with all of you and your precious mom, my precious Shell :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!