Random St. George Trip Pics

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Ok- so these are SO out of order, but they are from March and April so whatev.

The 4 or so hour drive to St. George is NO fun for a 2 year old.  I bought her a Max and Ruby dvd, regardless of how much I hate Max and Ruby, I knew it would keep her occupied.  For the most part it worked, it wasn't towards the end of the trip up and the trip down that she really went stir crazy. 
Bath pics are my favorite, probably because I know how mortified they will be when they are older.  Just a little payback I will store away for a few years.
Papa brought a treat for Grant.  He was the only one we figured we could get to eat it and we were right!  Looks innocent enough right?

WRONG! That was a real scorpion inside.  He sucked on this thing until the tail was coming out of it.  Amy finally took it away and to be honest, I was really glad because it was starting to creep me out.  What a daring kid!  I couldn't even bring myself to taste the darn thing.


wild child said...

Well he stuffed it right into my mouth and I'm still traumatized!!! And I live in a house full of boys!!! If that's not traumatizing enough!!!

Meg :)